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Episode 31
Existance of the 53rd
(53番目の存在 Gojūsanbanme no Sonzai)

Episode Summary

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  • Ominous footsteps and a creepy wall of photographs
  • Hello my monster child, go and kill Kenzaki would you? ♥
  • Annoying guy taking cell photos of randos gets a guy hit by a car
  • Mutsuki doesn’t answer questions, he beats up cops while annoying guy takes pictures
  • Leangle shoves a car at annoying guy, who stops it and taunts the Ace before flying off.
  • Tachibana and Kenzaki talking about getting Hajime to help with Mutsuki in Tachibana’s lovely apartment.
  • Tachibana does not seem to know what to think about Hajime giving him that queen, despite Kenzaki’s assurances.
  • Kotaro gets a weird email with photos of Leangle beating up the cops.
  • Kenzaki brings Tachibana to ask Hajime to help them find Mutsuki.
  • Hajime says that the Ace and Mutsuki are one being.
  • Tachibana grills Hajime about his goals, giving Hajime a future-flashback to a destroyed world and dead Amane and Haruka.
  • Tachibana doesn’t seem to care that Hajime kinda is having a breakdown and just says he won’t work with someone who won’t tell him his motives.
  • Nozomi is at the cafe, asking if Mutsuki’s been by.
  • Kenzaki asks Hajime to tell him his secrets.
  • “Even though Tachibana said that, I want to fight by your side.”
  • “Even though I’m Undead?”
  • “I know you’re not humanity’s enemy”
  • Nozomi asks Tachibana to tell her when Mutsuki is, but he can’t. Much guilt.
  • Tachibana gets a call from Hirose “Information about Mutsuki?”
  • Showing KEnzaki and Tachibana the photos
  • Kotaro and Hirose are worried about the webpage and send everyone out to find the guy who posted the photos.
  • and are very easily baited by the guy when they do find him.
  • Annoying Undead guy messes around with them and freezes them in time after Kotaro calls Kenzaki in
  • And is named “King” and has an ego to match.
  • King messes around with time to take Kenzaki’s buckle
  • For some reason, Kotaro and Hirose get arrested?
  • Natural leads Tachibana to Mutsuki’s hide out.
  • Mutsuki tells the thugs not to attack
  • Aaaand is wearing a fedora and shades. And starts talking cards
  • Meanwhile, Kenzaki chases after King who says he just did what he did because he’s bored. He doesn’t want to fight, he wants to mess with everyone.
  • Hajime drives by, stops. Gets called Joker again. Goes for an over dramatic transform and gets time stopped so he gets bitchslapped out of the air.
  • Meanwhile back at the club, Tachibana tries to talk to Mutsuki. Who wants to team up with Tachibana to defeat Hajime.
  • “Just as Joker can become any card, there is an Undead that can become any other Undead”
  • Hajime gets kidnapped.
  • “He’s the 53rd undead, the shadow ruler of this battle.”
  • Kenzaki demands King give Hajime back, King challenges him to take him back if he can. Kenzaki transforms and attacks, but King has armor and Kenzaki can’t land a hit.
  • Back to Mutsuki telling Tachibana about Joker. Tachibana still is trying to reach Mutsuki, who shows off how strong he is by slamming a hand into Tachibana’s shoulder to send him flying.
  • Back to Hajime in captivity, King’s taken his Ace.
  • Kenzaki goes back to home base to try and find Hajime via the Searcher and is attacked by the “Undead” hitman (that the Searcher doesn’t react to)
  • Meanwhile creeper who siced him on him is sitting, staring at the empty bay
  • Kenzaki Lightning Sonics the “Undead”, but when he tries to seal him, it just sucks up the card and gets back up and resumes attacking.

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Raw: Bunny Hat

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