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Episode 32
Secret of the Destroyer
(破壊者の秘密 Hakaisha no Himitsu)

Episode Summary

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    Ep 32 opens with the failed sealing
  • The fight resumes! But Tachibana comes to the rescue!
  • The “Undead” recognizes Garren and buggers off.
  • Kenzaki tells Tachibana about King
  • meanwhile back where Hajime’s being held, he attempts to escape, but keeps getting time frozen.
  • King has taken all his cards but the 2 and tells Hajime to give it up.
  • “I want to see… your original form”
  • Tachibana fills everyone in on what Mutsuki told him
  • Pointing out that he uses another card to turn human
  • Realization that the Human Undead has been sealed.
  • Tachibana tells Kenzaki not to do anything or try and save Hajime until he finds more information on Joker.
  • Meanwhile, Hajime’s getting beaten up.
  • King tells him he wants to mess up the battle using Joker
  • Threatens to send the video of Hajime transforming to Jacaranda
  • Hajime flips his shit. SUDDEN GREEN GLOW FROM THE BELT that shockwaves out
  • Tachibana returns home to find someone waiting for him and on his computer
  • It’s Hirose’s father, whom everyone thought was dead. Who has no plans to see his daughter despite that.
  • “My goal is to solve the mystery of why the Undead do not die, so that humans can escape the terror of death”
  • Cue flashback to SAYOKOOOOOOOO
  • “Joker is dangerous, and it’s Kenzaki’s fate to be involved in that.”
  • Gives Tachibana the keyword to get into the whole of BOARD’s records
  • “Fight fate” and he leaves.
  • And goes back to creepy lab to check up on his hitman. Whom he hugs.
  • Meanwhile, Kenzaki is sulking. Kotaro gives him a peptalk and breakfast and Kenzaki heads out to find Hajime. Just in time for the Searcher to have picked up 3 Undead.
  • There’s now a big hole in the wall where Hajime had been held. But King still has his cards.
  • “I will never take that form again…”
  • Mutsuki shows up and throws Joker cards at Hajime before smirking like a tool
  • “So you’ve been totally absorbed by the Ace.”
  • “Yeah. I’m in the Darkness. And it feels good. And there only needs to be one ruler of the darkness.”
  • Mutsuki transforms and attacks. And then taunts him that he can’t transform, trying to make him take Joker form.
  • Kenzaki smacks into him with his bike, breaking his transform.
  • “He’s a cold hearted killer who just wants to defeat Undead!”
  • “Yeah, well, so are you!”
  • Kenzaki grabs Hajime and leaves.
  • Tells Hajime his one secret: the name of a girl he had a crush on.
  • “I don’t care about your true form. To me, you’re Aikawa Hajime.”
  • Hajime confirms that Human Undead is sealed.
  • Tachibana is looking through Karasuma’s private records.
  • Finds out that Rider System was made from Joker.
  • Back to Hajime talking about sealing Human Undead and how since getting that card, he doesn’t want to take Joker form.
  • Hajime senses King, runs off with Kenzaki following.
  • King sicks his minon after Kenzaki, tries to take Hajime away, taunting him about having all his cards.
  • Hajime figures out why King can still move when time is stopped and grabs it, allowing Kenzaki to defeat the Time fuckery Undead.
  • King buggers off with Hajime’s cards. Kenzaki helps Hajime get away.
  • “Aren’t we friends?” “Are you sure you want to say that? My true form…” “Is Aikawa Hajime, right?”
  • Tachibana arrives to ruin the moment.
  • Explaining to Kenzaki what happens if Joker wins the Battle Fight
  • Kenzaki moves to protect Hajime, saying he believes in him.
  • “He won’t destroy humanity, there must be another way!”
  • Debate via Battle!

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Undead Apperances:
Scarab Undead
Caucasus Undead (King)
Major events:
Hajime escapes King's captivity
Tachibana is given information about Joker

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