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Episode 30
Lost Memories
(失われた記憶 Ushinawareta Kioku)

Episode Summary

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    Ep 30 starts with flashbacks to the face twin shenanigans
  • Ryou grabs Kenzaki’s leg and clings to it while flipping a shit
  • Snake FINALLY gets that WHOOPS not Joker and buggers off.
  • Meanwhile Hajime winds up at the docks too late and confused
  • “I felt as if someone was calling me…”
  • Kotaro tries to find out why “Hajime” ran from the fight. At the same restaurant where Michi’s trying to find out why “Ryou” ran from the wedding.
  • “Undead?” O.O
  • Ryou is starting to regret this swap and tries to come clean.
  • Buuut Kenzaki somehow thinks Hajime’s making an excuse cause he’s afraid of fighting for reasons.
  • Amane is still upset and doesn’t want that Hajime back ever.
  • Hajime is asked to make Takoyaki and somehow manages by just reacting to things being shoved at him.
  • Ryou pulls Hajime to the side and tries to swap back.
  • Hajime is a bit crushed to find out that he’s hated. Seems to get back a bit of his memory, but rejects it because he doesn’t want it.
  • Michi spots the twins together and chews out Ryou and decides she likes Hajime better and hauls him off
  • Oh hey, Snake Undead is still around how about that.
  • Ryou’s dad attempts to tell which is which and picks wrong.
  • Challenge from Taiyaki group! Hajime will fight and win!!!
  • Package from Tibet! Tachibana gets power up! Aaas soon as he gets a Queen. But hey! Snake!
  • Tachibana is still worried about Mutsuki. Can’t even be happy about his powerup.
  • All these keywords making Hajime’s memory do a thing, how convenient~
  • Taiyaki master, Ultimate Form!
  • Snake shows up and breaks up the competition. It takes a few hits to wake Hajime’s memory.
  • “What have I been doing?”
  • Kenzaki and Tachibana are heading to the fight, but get caught up fighting the Queen’s flunky.
  • Ryou aids the battle with a Taiyaki pan to Snake’s face.
  • Having had quite enough of this shit, Hajime gets with the asskicking.
  • And then runs the queen over to Tachibana. For reasons.
  • Tachibana JACK FORM
  • and flunky is sealed.
  • “If you become stronger, and I fight you. I’ll become stronger as well.”
  • Hajime returns to Jacaranda and is rude to Kotaro.
  • “I have no friends” is Amane’s cue to run and hug HER Hajime.

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Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

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