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Episode 29
Two Chalices
(2人のカリス Futari no Karisu)

Episode Summary

Placeholder Summary

    Ep 29 opens with rando Undead beating people and then being zapped by Medusa
  • Kotaro’s hunting for Natural. Hajime tells him to give it up. Kotaro tells off Hajime, who rides off. Amane yells at Kotaro, then runs after Hajime.
  • Kenzaki, Hirose and Tachibana talk briefly about what happened.
  • Tachibana looks super broken up/exhausted by this all.
  • Mutsuki hasn’t been home yet and is wandering around town pausing by shattered mirrors for symbolism.
  • Snake Undead stops Hajime, calling him Joker, and then attacking with her new flunky.
  • Somehow, Hajime hits his head through the helmet hard enough to make his vision swim
  • “If you win, everything will be destroyed!”
  • Kenzaki and Tachibana to the rescue!
  • Hajime staggers off like he’s drunk.
  • Snake runs off as Hajime vanishes.
  • Takoyaki tiiiime~
  • Takoyaki face twin encounters Hajime.
  • Hajime can’t remember anything.
  • Amane is sulking that Hajime hasn’t come back, blames Kotaro, runs off.
  • Face twin shenanigans
  • Ryou leaves Hajime to deal with Michi’s anger.
  • Taiyaki group tries to take Michi home, Hajime comes to life, kicks ass.
  • Ryou decides to swap lives with Hajime because sure why not.
  • Only to realize “wait, who am I swapping with?”
  • But hey, Amane shows up and hauls him to Kotaro’s for Kotaro to apologize. [from one overbearing woman to another~]
  • Ryou fails from step one to even try to be like Hajime.
  • “I just want to get along with everyone!!!”
  • Meanwhile, back with the comic relief, that guy who bit parts in every KR ep is Ryou’s dad
  • Hajime’s not exactly playing a role either.
  • Meanwhile, Snake undead just cackling in the middle of an intersection
  • Amane is super super unhappy with this Hajime
  • And passes out when he hits on Hirose
  • Kotaro thinks that Hajime finally listened to all his speeches~
  • “When Takoyaki has strawberry in it, it’s time to quit!”
  • “We might have won and survived” triggers Hajime’s memory. Kinda.
  • Snake spots Ryoujime and Kotaro, sends her minion in. Ryou runs for the hills.
  • Meanwhile, Hajime is getting married
  • At least until his Undead Senses kick in and he runs out because Kenzaki’s fighting the Queen
  • End ends on a close up of Ryou screaming

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: Mikami Ryou, Michi
Undead Apperances:
Major events:

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