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Episode 28
A Dangerous Gamble!?
(危険な賭け!? Kiken na Kake!?)

Episode Summary

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    Ep 28 picks up with Shima trying to reach Mutsuki with words
  • Kenzaki shows up to break up the fight
  • Punches the transform off Mutsuki
  • Someone who cannot control his own heart has no right to be a Rider!”
  • “Take his belt and it’ll go right back to him.”
  • “A youth all alone, his personality being destroyed.. I couldn't just sit back and watch.”
  • Shima goes to talk to Tachibana about Mutsuki
  • An undead shows up just outside the hospital, attacks Nozomi
  • Shima to the rescue! With Tachibana running after because what is self care
  • Nozomi passes out and Shima erases her memory of the fight
  • Mutsuki asked her to see Tachibana in the hospital.
  • Spider continues to push all of Mutsuki’s sore spots
  • Shima has Nozomi call Mutsuki out to talk.
  • “Is that your own will?” “I don’t know… but a voice in my body wants me to fight you.”
  • Shima uses the Wind to let Mutsuki hear the voice of Nozomi’s heart.
  • “Is it really possible, to suppress the Ace?”
  • The Ace tells Shima to shut up, and Mutsuki runs off.
  • Oh hi Hajime, how long have you been watching?
  • “Why not stay and have a talk, Joker?”
  • Tachibana leaving the hospital because he doesn’t have time to heal.
  • “The existence of your will is the ultimate trump”
  • “Isn’t it a nice feeling, the world of humans?”
  • Hajime insists he’s not blending in.
  • Nozomi’s in Tachibana’s favorite stalking spot outside Mutsuki’s window.
  • Tachibana says that he’ll save Mutsuki.
  • “He’s lost control of himself. I used to be like that… so I’m going to save him.”
  • Nozomi wants to know what’s going on, Tachibana says she shouldn’t know so that Mutsuki can confide in her.
  • Back at the Farm, Kotaro wants to have a party, but Shima’s late. Hajime arrives with Natural. Shima told him to raise it, but he doesn’t want to so here you go, losers.
  • Mutsuki heads out to seal Shima, Tachibana chases after him. But there’s that Undead that attacked Nozomi… so he takes care of that instead.
  • Kenzaki yells at him not to push himself, but Tachibana says he’s fine and tells him to go after Mutsuki instead to stop the fight.
  • Mutsuki is 100% possessed, so Shima uses the Wind to send Nozomi’s voice at him, with no success.
  • Tachibana is seriously not doing well in his fight.
  • Kenzaki tries to stop the fight, Shima attacks him to get him to back off.
  • Tachibana manages to desperation force-of-will a win and rushes off.
  • Shima rushes in to take the attack when he feels Mutsuki’s presence
  • Leangle is kinda in a trance, but seals Shima as ordered before wandering off, just as Tachibana arrives
  • Tachibana tries to take Shima’s card from him, but Mutsuki stops him and then shuffles off

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Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

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