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Episode 27
Wavering Mind…
(揺れ動く心… Yureugoku Kokoro…?)

Episode Summary

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    Ep 27 opens to a replay of Elephant being defeated/sealed
  • “It would have been too easy to just give you a power-up. You had to realize it”
  • Mutsuki sulks
  • “Work on controlling your card first”
  • “I just want to fight, that’s all”
  • Tachibana goes after Mutsuki.
  • “As long as he’s being controlled, I’m in a dangerous position”
  • “Undead fight for their species. I never wanted to. Maybe that’s what [Mutsuki] needs”
  • Mutsuki quit basketball because it’s boring. Everything’s boring.
  • Tachibana shows up to talk.
  • “Aren’t you jealous? Since Karasuma gave Kenzaki a powerup before you.”
  • Mutsuki calls Tachibana naive.
  • Tachibana asks him about the Ace. Mutsuki tells him that the Ace knows about Shima, but he’s not gonna let the Ace control him. He just… wants to fight.
  • “Will I win? Or will the Ace win will I disappear?”
  • “Is there anything I can do?”
  • “No. It’s my problem.”
  • Buffalo undead
  • Kenzaki’s on it!
  • Shima’s narrating again, but the Ace interrupts.
  • Spider reeeeallly wants to kick Shima’s ass.
  • Shima goes to meet Mutsuki, with Hirose stalking
  • Shima tries to talk the Ace into leaving Mutsuki alone.
  • Ace claims he allowed himself to be sealed because of the advantage it gives him.
  • Fiiiight!
  • Tachibana leaves the bull to Kenzaki, runs off to Mutsuki to stop the fight.
  • Leangle just attacks, but Tachibana is able to kick him out of his transform.
  • Tachibana tries talking to Mutsuki about things, but Mutsuki’s too under the Ace’s power and throws Tachibana down the hill into a tree.
  • Only after Tachibana’s KO does Mutsuki return to his senses and runs away.
  • Tachibana tries to say he just tripped, but everyone knows it was Mutsuki.
  • Shima explains his plan to be sealed to fight the Ace from inside Mutsuki.
  • The gang thinks that’s a bad plan and decide to just try harder to reach Mutsuki normally and go to find him.
  • “We don’t want anyone else to be sacrificed…”
  • Mutsuki’s nowhere to be found, but goes to talk to Hajime.
  • “What’s it feel like to be possessed by an Undead?”
  • “So are you an Undead just borrowing a human body? Or like me…”
  • “I am not Undead or human. Only I know about my existence.”
  • Spider steps in with a “Oh. So you’re him?”
  • Then steps right back out leaving Mutsuki confused.
  • Mutsuki angsts over what he’s done to Tachibana, tries to argue against the Ace.
  • Shima sneaks out, leaving Natural and a note behind, goe to meet Leangle.
  • Tries to give Mutsuki a pep talk
  • Kenzaki rushes out to stop the fight, gets interrupted by Buffalo, Jack-forms it up to get it done
  • Ends on Kenzaki rushing there while Shima tries to reach Mutsuki’s heart

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Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

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