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Episode 26
Power That Moves Me
(俺を動かす力 Ore o Ugokasu Chikara)

Episode Summary

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    Ep 26 opens with recap, then Elephant going all out

  • Shima + Natural arrive~
  • Brings word from Karasuma from Tibet~ But all it is is a pep talk…
  • Shima can’t understand why the long faces
  • Mutsuki calls Tachibana to chat
  • “You guys lost, didn’t you?”
  • Mutsuki’s hearing voices but totally isn’t controlled nope nope. He just wants to fight.
  • Tachibana goes to run after Mutsuki, but Shima stops him.
  • “If you force them apart, the rebound might tear him apart.”
  • Elephant undead interrupts Hajime’s internal monologues about humans to ask for a fight.
  • Shima communes with the wind and provides commentary on Hajime’s fight
  • Hajime’s belt reacts to something when he gets hit, causing Elephant to stop.
  • “So you’re HIM. I’ll fight you last.”
  • “The wind tells me lots of things”
  • Telling Kenzaki he needs to find his “true” reason for fighting.
  • Shima shows up at Jacaranda, Hajime is not a fan.
  • Spiiiiders coming from Shima’s luggage.
  • Hajime vs Shima.
  • Shima transforms, saying he doesn’t plan on fighting.
  • “If you didn’t want to fight, what are you after?”
  • Whoops, Amane. Hajime’s out.
  • Meanwhile, Elephant’s on a rampage, trying to draw out the Riders.
  • Kenzaki & Kotaro’s grilling of Shima is interrupted by it
  • “But you can’t win…”
  • Mutsuki is also going to fight, despite Tachibana trying to tell him not to.
  • Shima teleports off as the gang arrives
  • Mutsuki and Tachibana get their asses kicked.
  • Kenzaki’s not fairing much better
  • Flaaaash baaaaack
  • Shima just watching
  • Kenzaki takes a hit to protect a little girl.
  • “Oh right. I fight because I love people.”
  • Shima gives him the Absorber (that Kenzaki just KNOWS how to use)
  • Elephant is sealed

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: Shima
Undead Apperances:
Elephant Undead
Major events:
Jack Form!

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