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Episode 24
Mysterious Hunters
(謎のハンター Nazo no Hantā)

Episode Summary

Placeholder Summary

  • Mutsuki and Nozomi’s amusement park date
  • “It’s like you're manly or something”
  • Back at base, Kotaro’s back to normal
  • Hirosei’s Hina moment
  • Mutsuki can’t seal the wolves.
  • “Who would ask an Undead for help!”
  • Kenzaki telling Tachibana why Hajime protects people
  • “No matter what the reason, he’s still an Undead”
  • But I want to believe…
  • “I can’t seal you without a Rider system, but I can mess your face up good”
  • “Your plan is interesting, shall we join up?”
  • “Hell no”
  • Elephant Undead
  • “Holy crap 3 high level undead!!!!”
  • Back up arrives~
  • Triple transform~
  • Orchid and Wolf bugger off
  • Elephant follows
  • Orchid has a plan~
  • “Holy crap, back up? That would be epic”
  • Tachibana isn’t sure because DANGER
  • “The dead… they become Undead???”
  • “Humans who can defeat Undead…”
  • No, they’re just the victims
  • “Who are you guys??”
  • “Undead… Hunter….”
  • Tachibana’s never heard of them
  • “..At this rate… will I turn into a human?”
  • Orchid leads Hajime to Elephant
  • “...Black Fang…!!!!”
  • Designed to surpass the Rider Machine
  • “Wanna try it?”
  • Uh YEAH????
  • Tachibana is so so very all over the new bike
  • Shinmei wants to add the Rouse System to Black Fang
  • Tachibana does not trust.
  • “We’ll capture the Undead, you seal”
  • KENZAKI IS SO EXCITED but no good at this.
  • Tachibana showing how it’s done
  • Tachibana working on Black Fang
  • Actually looking happy :D
  • “Why did you call me out”
  • “I heard a rumor about you. But I hate to fight”
  • Back at the garage, Tachibana and Kenzaki pulled an all nighter.
  • “Oh yeah, we installed the system….”
  • Undead hunters are dead…!!
  • Wolf Undead on the completed Fang, merging with it
  • Ends on PIIISSED Tachibana

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Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

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