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Episode 23
Who are You?
(お前は誰だ? Omae wa Dare da?)

Episode Summary

Ep 23 opens with Mutsuki getting his determination, transforming and rushing in to join the fight while Tachibana, having hauled himself out of the rubble, watches. When Mutsuki gets knocked back, Tachibana stumbles over, yelling his name in concern, but Mutsuki assures him he’s fine. Kenzaki manages to get a hold on the Mole Undead, and yells for Mutsuki, Tachibana echoing. Mutsuki pulls a Blizzard Crush and defeats the Undead. When he hesitates afterwards, Tachibana tells him that since he defeated it, he should seal it. Mutsuki glances over at Kenzaki for confirmation before sealing the Undead. With a nod to Kenzaki, he rushes over to Tachibana, thanking him, looking the card over with wonder.

Up on the roof of a high rise, Orchid Undead confronts Eagle Undead about attacking her earlier. Eagle Undead says it was her fault for hurting Chalice. Orchid reflects on Chalice being legendary, but then wonders if it really is him. Eagle says that it’s his appearance, but Orchid counters that the Rider System allows humans to borrow the Undead’s powers, and that she heard it was possible to borrow the forms of sealed Undead as well. Eagle says he’ll confirm, and for her not to interfere.

Tachibana, arm in a sling, has been released from the hospital, and when Mutsuki laments that they can’t do the special training, tells Mutsuki has has something important to tell him.

At the Jacaranda, Kotaro and Hirose are having lunch (despite Kotaro grumbling that he already had cooked) and spot Kamioka grilling Hajime about the photo outside. When Hajime says he doesn’t need to explain, she counters with Kurihara Shin’s final photo, saying Hajime was on that mountain when he died, and now he’s living in Shin’s place, half accusing him of having murdered him.

Kenzaki pulls up, over hearing as she asks what Hajime is planning, even though he risked his life to save hers, and as she gets more and more upset, Hajime grabs her collar, saying he wouldn’t save a human, that he only thinks of himself, before turning to walk away. She accuses him of running away, and swears she expose his true identity before rushing off.

Kenzaki asks Hajime what that was all about and Hajime explains about the man he found dying, who only worried for his family, and how it made him curious. Kenzaki returns that it’s only natural for a human. Hajime returns that he isn’t human, heading back inside. Kenzaki calls after him, asking that isn’t it a wonderful thing, saving someone else’s life? but gets no answer.

Tachibana explains to Mutsuki about the cards the Rider System uses, starting with the Ace they use to transform. Most of Mutsuki’s cards, Isaka obtained for him, and Tachibana advises him to learn how to properly use them. With one exception. Remote, which he orders him not to ever use.

Mutsuki asks after the high level Undead Tachibana sealed, and when Tachibana holds up Isaka’s card, Mutsuki takes it, utterly impressed, and asks what it does. Tachibana snatches it back, saying it only charges the Rouzer, even though it should do more. When Mutsuki wonders if he could seal a high level Undead if Kenzaki encounters another, Tachibana tells him to leave it to Kenzaki. Kenzaki’s fusion was perfect from the start, he explains, unlike himself, who lost to his fear, or Mutsuki was controlled by the Ace. Some power that they don’t have… Kenzaki might.

As Kamioka is taking photos solo, Eagle Undead approaches, transforming and dragging her off.

Back at Jacaranda, Hajime reacts, rushing past Kenzaki and company to head out to where Eagle Undead has Kamioka waiting. When Hajime arrives, he offers her to him, and when Hajime asks why he’s doing this, Eagle replies that she’s trying to find out his true identity and is in the way, and tells Hajime to kill her. When Hajime just glares, Eagle asks what’s wrong, as he knows Chalice hates humans. When Hajime pulls out his card to transform, Eagle shoots out a feather, knocking it from his hand and grabs it before Hajime can recover. Seeing that it’s Chalice’s card he demands to know who Hajime is. When Hajime doesn’t answer, Eagle declares that he’ll punish him for sealing Chalice and taking his form.

Kenzaki arrives as Eagle attacks, starting to rush in, only to pause as Hajime takes on the form of the Dragonfly Undead with the Float card and realizes that Hajime can use other cards to transform.

During the fight, Hajime reflects that the power difference between Float and the Ace are too much, and Kenzaki transforms and rushes in. Eagle, having gotten what he came for, yells that he’s retrieved Chalice and flies off. Kenzaki asks Hajime what’s with that appearance, and chases after Hajime as he doesn't answer. As Tachibana and Mutsuki part ways, Orchid Undead stops Mutsuki, asking him to help her find something.

Kamioka, meanwhile, wakes up as Kenzaki asks Hajime where he’s going. When Hajime answers that he’s going to get his Ace back, Kenzaki counters that without the power of a Rider, it’s no use fighting him

Kamioka interrupts, demanding to know why Hajime is there and why monsters always appear around him, and if it has to do with her teacher’s death. Hajime pushes her off and rides away. She notices Kenzaki, and asks if he’s Hajime’s friend. Kenzaki answers that he doesn’t think Hajime is bad guy. Kamioka counters that she thinks he had something to do with Kurihara Shin’s death, showing Kenzaki the photo she took from Hajime, saying that her teacher never parted from it. Kenzaki remembers what Hajime told him earlier, realizing this is why Hajime is at Amane’s.

He pockets the photo, telling her that Hajime would risk his life to protect Amane and Haruka, and asking her to believe in that.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki is looking in the greenery as Miyuki watches, and asks her what kind of card it is she’s looking for. When she explains it, Mutsuki guesses she means a sealed Undead, and when he shows her his Ace, she transforms, grabbing his arm and saying she wants it, and his Category 10 (Remote.) Mutsuki pulls out his buckle, the Ace flying into it when dropped, and transforms, saying he’s going to seal her.

Meanwhile, Kenzaki is following after Hajime, and tells him he’ll retrieve the Ace. Hajime asks if he heard from “that woman” and says that he’s a murderer. Kenzaki says Hajime didn’t kill anyone, and when Hajime asks how he knows, Kenzaki just replies that he wants to believe it, so he will. When Hajime asks what’s in this for Kenzaki, he answers that he wants Hajime to know why humans save other people, and hands Hajime back the photo before riding off.

Eagle Undead attacks, and Hajime tosses Kenzaki Float to use. Using Float’s power, Kenzaki flies after Eagle Undead and knocks him out of the sky.

Meanwhile, Orchid Undead is beating Mutsuki, saying that with his power, all the sealed Undead will be released. When Mutsuki protests, she points out that he can get stronger with the power of more Undead, making Mutsuki falter.

Tachibana rushes in, calling out to him, and Orchid sends an attack after him, causing him to fall on his injured arm. Concern for Tachibana refocuses Mutsuki and he lashes out.

Back at Kenzaki’s fight, he manages to make Eagle drop Chalice’s card, and tosses it to Hajime. But as Hajime goes to transform, he hears the sound of Kamioka’s camera. For a long moment, Hajime is torn, but he transforms anyway, looking at her after he does.

One of Eagle Undead’s attacks flies her way, however, and Hajime rushes over to protect her from it. When she asks why he covered for her, tells her it’s dangerous to stay before rushing in to join the fight.

Mutsuki decides to test out the new card he sealed with a combo, but Tachibana yells for him to choose carefully. In Mutsuki’s distraction, Orchid teleports away and Mutsuki complains to Tachibana that it’s because he said something unnecessary. Tachibana counters that the combo was no good. It’s not a collectable card game! Mutsuki returns that to be stronger, you need strong Undead and runs off with a sulk.

Kenzaki pulls out a Lightning Sonic, Hajime jumping in to distract Eagle Undead so that it hits.

Eagle Undead notes Hajime’s belt and reflects that he knows the difference, but he saw Chalice’s appearance…

Hajime asks what the promise Eagle and Chalice made was, and Eagle replies that they would fight all the other Undead and face each other in the finals as the ultimate enemies, and asks if Hajime and Kenzaki are the same. Human and Undead… even though they’re fighting side by side, it’s fated they’ll have to fight each other, and that in their hearts, they wish for it.

Kenzaki seals Eagle, and then notices that Hajime uses another card to transform back. When he asks what it is, Hajime simply walks away.

Kamioka reflects on everything, then opens her camera and exposes the film, destroying the photos she’d just taken.

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