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Episode 22
Escape From Darkness
(闇からの脱出 Yami Kara no Dasshutsu)

Episode Summary

Kotaro's cooking, normally so good, has become a victim of his crushed mood (not that Tachibana seems to mind or notice.) Kenzaki and Hirose try and cheer him up, Kenzaki saying he'll seal Miyuki for sure. When Tachibana asks if he has any leads, Kenzaki mentions Hajime's name and Kotaro flips out, saying he doesn't want to be saved by Hajime again.

Tachibana (in an oddly good mood) talks about training Mutsuki, saying that Mutsuki seems trapped, but he wants to believe in him. And then asks if he can eat Kotaro's serving!

Meanwhile, in the subway, and Undead makes off with a would be passenger! Kenzaki and Tachibana ride out, looking for signs of the Undead, but find nothing. The signal is weak, and then vanishes, because he Undead is underground...

Training Mutsuki continues, Tachibana bring him to a bamboo grove for sparring practice. When Mutsuki says that Tachibana will get hurt, Tachibana asks if he can even hit him, which gets Mutsuki to try. Tachibana effortlessly dodges all Mutsuki's strikes before grabbing the pole away from him, telling Mutsuki to prepare for the next part. Mutsuki panics, and Tachibana does not go easy on him. However, one incoming strike makes Mutsuki recall his training with the baseballs and he dodges, managing to get the pole away from Tachibana again. Tachibana tells him to use that sense to keep the ace suppressed.

Meanwhile, Hajime is packing his camera bag, pausing to look at the photo from Amane's father before being called up stairs. Haruka has arranged for Hajime to work with Kamioka, a friend of the family who used to work with Amane's father. Amane is not at all happy with this situation and wants to know why "that person" is with Hajime. Haruka points out that Kamioka took over Amane's father's business and needed an assistant. Amane pouts she should have taken Kotaro...

Mutsuki, in high spirits after his training, returns home, only to rush back out and call Tachibana about the report in the paper about people vanishing from the subway. Likely, the cases are connected, and Mutsuki's going to investigate!

Amane's snit has gotten worse, and poor Kenzaki is the victim, having asked after Hajime. Haruka tells him that she got Hajime a job, and Kenzaki grins and asks if he can go see him at it.

At the zoo, Kamioka is taking photos, Hajime helping with the gear, when a random man approaches Hajime, talking about generics and species dominance. All creatures have the chance to rule the land, so why is it humans that do? Kamioka calls over to Hajime, prompting the man to say he'll meet Hajime later and walk away.

At a factory, the Mole Undead is attacking. Mutsuki and Tachibana rush in to stop it, transforming in unison. But Mutsuki's control wavers, and he's caught off guard and pulled down into the ground.

Back at the zoo, Kamioka says Hajime should show her his photos, but as he takes something out of his pouch, the photo from Amane's dad falls out. He goes to grab it, but Kamioka gets to it first, and recognizes it as Amane's father's good luck charm that he took with him his last trip, and that the photo wasn't on his body when he was found... She asks Hajime why he has it, but Miyuki interrupts. When Kamioka says they're having an important conversation, Miyuki backhands her across the clearing.

Miyuki transforms, saying that if Hajime teamed up with her, destroying the humans would be so simple. Hajime refuses. Kamioka recognizes the Undead as being one of those creatures that's been appearing and goes to get a photo, but the Orchid Undead smacks the camera out of her hand with a vine. Hajime pushes Orchid Undead over and rushes to Kamioka, shoving her in a nearby building for safety before transforming to fight Orchid Undead. Seeing how he transforms, Orchid has a realization who Hajime must be....

Meanwhile, Mutsuki wakes up underground next to some of the victims of the Mole Undead and begins to panic as he tries to find an exit, having flashbacks to being trapped. His screaming alerts the Undead, who approaches, but thankfully also allows Tachibana to find him and break through the wall, allowing Mutsuki an exit, which he scrambles out, even as Tachibana yells at him not to run.

Mutsuki crawls out of the building, collapsing, while Tachibana attempts to defeat the Mole Undead, which runs away. When Tachibana emerges, he asks why Mutsuki ran. Mutsuki says he's afraid of the dark and needs the light. Tachibana asks him what happens to those people in the light Mutsuki wanted to protect if he runs away, but Mutsuki pushes him away, saying that he's lucky because he has a dead girlfriend he couldn't protect as his reason for fighting. As Tachibana stares at him, Mutsuki says he doesn't have a reason for fighting and rides away.

Back at the zoo, Kenzaki arrives, seeing the fight. But before he can join in, another Undead arrives, swooping in to attack Orchid Undead, yelling for her not to touch Chalice. Orchid Undead quickly makes her exit. The new Undead, Eagle, greets Hajime as Chalice, saying the promise that they made 10,000 years ago will now be fulfilled. Hajime has no idea what he means, however...

Eagle Undead flies away as Kenzaki runs over. When asked who that was, Hajime just says it was a high level Undead, and doesn't answer any other of Kenzaki's questions.

Back at Mutsuki's house, his parents are worried as he’s skipped school. Not only that, he's been coming home late and injured too... As his parents talk, Mutsuki reflects that if he stays there, he won't be able to become any stronger.

He goes to see Kenzaki at Kotaro's, saying that he doesn't have Kenzaki's burden of not being able to save his parents, Or Tachibana's dead girlfriend for a reason. He doesn't have anyone to fight for! When Kotaro says he can always quit, Mutsuki says he can't, he was chosen by the Ace! It's fate!

Kenzaki says he never thought about it that way. For him, it's a job. He doesn't do it for thanks. Mutsuki counters that Kenzaki said his pay was bad, (leading to some light ribbing from the peanut gallery) Kenzaki says he gets something more than pay from his job, however. And if it is fate, can't Mutsuki fight fate?

Tachibana is tracking the Undead that's attacking in an underground mall, and his transformation alerts Hirosei. Kenzaki starts to head out, Mutsuki morosely commenting about Kenzaki's job, but not following.

Tachibana takes a barrage of direct hits, shielding a family, causing his transform to fail. However, the Undead keeps attacking and he again covers for the family, even as the ceiling comes down ontop of them....

Hirosei exclaims about Garren's signal being gone, hoping that it's just him undoing his transformation. Mutsuki, however, fears for the worst and rushes out.

Kenzaki arrives at the trashed mall, looking for Tachibana, who calls for Kenzaki to be careful just as the Mole Undead surfaces. Kenzaki manages to push the Undead out through a wall to fight it.

Kamioka returns home and hauls out the negatives from Amane's father's last roll of film. Looking through them, she finds a one that Hajime is in...

Mutsuki arrives at the mall, timidly calling for Tachibana and Kenzaki. Hearing Mutsuki, Tachibana calls out to him and Mutsuki makes his way through the wreck to find him, half pinned under rubble with a group of shoppers caught up in the destruction. He tells Mutsuki to take the girl he was sheltering. He doesn't know when the Undead will be back, so to help everyone out.

Mutsuki leads the group to the stairs, having warm fuzzy feelings as he watches them leave, thanking him. When he returns to Tachibana, Tachibana tells him the Undead is inside and to hurry.

Mutsuki rushes in to where Kenzaki is fighting. Kenzaki asks him if he found his substitution for his salary, and Mutsuki says yes, transforming and rushing in to fight.

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Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
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Mole Undead
Orchid Undead
Eagle Undead
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Mutsuki's Reason for Fighting

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