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Episode 21
Battles That Feel for Friends
(友を思う戦い Tomo o Omou Tatakai)

Episode Summary

Hajime declares that Garren is next, but Tachibana asks him to stop, saying there's no point to the fight. Hajime rushes him anyway, prompting Tachibana to transform.

Mutsuki watches, anxiety growing, until he lets out a scream that turns into a mix of his voice and the Spider Undead's. He pulls out the belt and transforms, despite Tachibana's yelling at him to stop.

Hajime pushes Tachibana away, attention all on Leangle. Tachibana rushes over to Mutsuki, yelling his name, but is similarly shoved aside as Hajime and the Spider Undead stare each other down before they attack.

Spider Undead starts to lose control, however, and the transformation breaks, Mutsuki collapsing. Tachibana explains that Mutsuki can't control the Ace. Hajime returns that he has no interest in fighting someone who's not fighting of his own will and that when Mutsuki has obtained true power, he'll return to beat him down.

Meanwhile, back at Kotaro's date, the fighting has arrived where he and Miyuki are. Miyuki asks what the monster is, and Kotaro explains before going to rush over. She grabs onto him, telling him not to go.

Capricorn Undead starts to boast that he's different than other Undead, but Kenzaki wants none of it, and hits him hard enough to draw blood, causing the Undead to bail.

Threat gone, Kotaro rushes over and Kenzaki tells him Hajime warned him about the situation, and then tells Miyuki he's glad she's not the Undead!

Back at the house, Kotaro asks how Kenzaki could think someone as wonderful as Miyuki could be an Undead, prompting Kenzaki and Hirose to tease Kotaro about his first love~

Mutsuki is still hanging out with Tachibana, and says he doesn't understand why the Ace comes and does so suddenly. Tachibana says he understands what it feels like to have your belt take over your will, and that he'll train Mutsuki to truly be stronger so he can repress the Ace.

Meanwhile, Capricorn Undead is throwing a tantrum when he's interrupted by another Undead arriving. He demands to know why the other Undead didn't lead him her power. She tells him to use his head and find Blade's weakness...

Tachibana asks Mutsuki why he wants to become stronger. Mutsuki explains about having been kidnapped as a baby, and how his mind is still trapped there. Tachibana interprets that Mutsuki wants to be free of the fear of that moment and Mutsuki begs him to show him how he can become a true Kamen Rider.

Tachibana brings him to a batting range and explains to him about Simultaneous Eyesight, one of the exercises he needed after becoming Garren, and tells Mutsuki to read the number off the ball being pitched at him.

Meanwhile, Kotaro has gone to talk with Hajime. He thanks Hajime for warning Kenzaki, but Hajime counters that he didn't do it to save Kotaro, but to get Kenzaki out of the way so he could seal the Undead.

Back at the range, Tachibana chides Mutsuki for just yelling out random numbers. Mutsuki says it's impossible any other way, but Tachibana counters that that weak mindset is what the Ace wants and if he's going to give up, best do it now. Mutsuki looks emo enough that Tachibana asks him what's wrong, and Mutsuki explains about the light of the people who rescued him, and how he can't stand that so many people have died because of the Undead. He wants to protect that light.

Kotaro's emoing back home when Miyuki stops and picks him up. Amane asks Hajime what Kotaro talked to him about, and Hajime says it was nothing big. But then realizes that Kotaro's with Miyuki and rushes off.

Hirose has fixed the computer and is overjoyed when the Searcher picks up an Undead! ..that's... 20 meters away?! Kenzaki rushes outside just as Capricorn Undead pulls up. The Undead says he's been waiting, then grins and pulls away, Kenzaki giving chase.

The Undead pulls up outside of a botanical garden. Kenzaki spots Kotaro inside, and goes to transform, but Capricorn Undead says if he transforms, Kotaro will be strangled to death. Kenzaki rushes over, getting Kotaro's attention, and tries to wave him away. Before Kotaro can do much more than peer over, Miyuki sends out a thorny vine to wrap around him. When he asks her what's going on, she laughs at him, saying he should use his head before transforming into the Orchid Undead.

Tachibana's Searcher picks up on it, and he tells Mutsuki to stay and practice. Mutsuki says if it's an Undead, he's going too, but Tachibana says to train first, and rushes off.

Capricorn Undead tells Kenzaki to drop his belt. Kotaro yells at him not to, but after much waffling, Kenzaki does it. Capricorn transforms and attacks. Kotaro asks why, and Miyuki says that Blade's kindness will cost him his life and Kotaro's as well. But as she goes for the kill, Hajime interrupts. Miyuki tries to use Kotaro as a shield, but Hajime fires anyway, yelling at Kotaro to move, the blast cutting him free.

Kotaro asks why Hajime's doing this for him, and Hajime counters that he's not saving him, he's using him, and to go to Kenzaki. Kotaro rushes out, tossing Kenzaki the belt, allowing Kenzaki to transform.

Miyuki shots a whirlwind of petals that allows her to escape from Hajime, while Kenzaki lashing out with a rage filled Lighting Sonic, defeating the Capricorn Undead.

Kotaro rushes over to him, and tells him that Kenzaki saved him again before having a small breakdown, calling himself pathetic. Hajime watches a moment before walking away.

Meanwhile Miyuki drives off to the baseball cages to lurk where Mutsuki has finally mastered the technique

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Capricorn Undead
Orchid Undead

Major events:
Training Mutsuki
Miyuki is Undead

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