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Episode 20
The Target is Kotarou
(標的は虎太郎 Hyōteki wa Kotarō)

Episode Summary

The episode opens on Mutsuki's flashback to being rescued, only it's the Spider Undead opening the locker! Mutsuki wakes up with a start, having napped while waiting for Nozomi. As he's leaving, Kenzaki stops him, asking him if he'll give the belt back. Mutsuki says he doesn't know what Kenzaki means and turns to leave. Kenzaki runs after saying it has to be Mutsuki, he can't think of anyone else, but Mutsuki pushes him away and runs off.

As Kenzaki runs after, Mutsuki has transformed, and uses Remote to release the centipede Undead, which he sends after Kenzaki. Kenzaki spots Mutsuki running away, but is attacked before he can chase, and instead transforms to deal with the unsealed Undead, which runs away before Kenzaki can seal it again.

Meanwhile, Hajime is brooding over the Spider Undead accusing him of letting human spirit turn him into a coward, only to be interrupted by Kotaro, bringing him down something to eat. He asks Hajime why he's there, saying that it's his fault everything that's happening to his sister and niece. Why there, of all places?

Hajime flashes back to Amane's father handing him the photo, but says nothing, even as Kotaro presses him. Amane busts in, shoving Kotaro away and telling him to leave, clinging to Hajime.

Back to Mutsuki, who's elation at having dodged Kenzaki is cut short by Tachibana's arrival, also asking him after the belt. Tachibana says that he's worried, and doesn't want Mutsuki to have regrets. He grabs at Mutsuki's bag, causing the belt to fall out, but Mutsuki grabs it and backs away before saying that if Tachibana wants the belt so badly, he can take it back by force! He transforms, prompting Tachibana to do the same.

The fight is short, Tachibana defending until Mutsuki's transform breaks. He tells Mutsuki that since he can't control his own power, he should stop. Mutsuki protests that he was chosen, but the belt's just being unpredictable... Tachibana counters that the belt is just messing with him and he should give it up. Mutsuki refuses, yelling that he wants to be stronger before running off.

Meanwhile, Centipede Undead is off attacking humans when a yelling guy shows up in the forest, dancing to super loud music. It goes to attack, but the man -- also an Undead-- counters, saying that the Centipede Undead’s class can't defeat him, and blasts it away. He says he doesn't have time to play, he has to find the Kamen Rider...

Back at Mutsuki's room, he's wondering why the Spider's power is being fickle when Nozomi calls. She says she wants to ask what's up, but instead, she says that they're friends and that she believes in him. Before she can hang up, he calls out to her, telling her she's very important to him, leading to the pair of them being very cute after they do hang up.

Mutsuki's joy is cut short again as he opens the curtain to his room to see Tachibana outside, looking up at his window. Kenzaki shows up soon after, but Tachibana asks if Kenzaki will leave Mutsuki to him to take care of. He says the belt is toying with Mutsuki, and if they take it away, it'll just return to him since Mutsuki's heart is in darkness. Tachibana wonders why Mutsuki wants to be stronger, and if it's because he wants to be free of that seal...

Meanwhile, the flashily dressed Undead is lurking outside the Jacaranda, and watches Haruka ask Kotaro to leave them be for a bit. She says she's a coward, and that she's sure Kotaro knows Hajime's secret, something she doesn't have the courage to ask.

Hajime gets the sense of the lurking Undead a little too late to spot him, and instead is there for Amane to present him with a painting she made in school of her and Hajime together.

Kotaro dejectedly is returning home when he spots a lady having car trouble. He stops, seeing if she needs help and winds up awkwardly flirting as he helps her fix it while the flashy Undead watches.

Hajime has framed the painting and has hung it up when he again catches the presence of the Undead. But again, he's already moved on by the time he arrives. Yet somehow Hajime's able to tell what he was doing...

Kotaro has gotten the lady's car working and has directed her to his house so he can show her what he's written for his book. Hirose pulls him to the side, pointing out that hey, that's the computer the Searcher is on... Kotaro protests that it's fine, he just wants to show off, then goes to make introductions. The lady is Miyuki Yashinaga, a student who studies old houses.

Meanwhile, a schoolbus full of kindergartners is hijacked by the Centipede Undead...

Kotaro and Miyuki head out, Kenzaki reflecting how nice it is to see Kotaro happy again when Tachibana calls. His searcher is reacting, but having trouble pinpointing the location of the Undead. Hirose runs into the house to check, but her copy of the Searcher isn't working at all... Thankfully Tachibana's finally catches the signal properly, and he reads off the location, Kenzaki rushing off.

Tachibana goes to ride off as well, but Mutsuki rushes out, asking to go with him. Tachibana says that Leangle is too dangerous and leaves without him.,

Hajime pulls out in front of Kenzaki's path, saying that Undead is his, and that Kenzaki should be more worried about Kotaro as an Undead is after him. Kenzaki instantly thinks of Miyuki. He asks Hajime why he's telling him this, and Hajime returns that he doesn't want Kenzaki to get in the way of his fight.

Meanwhile, Mutsuki has followed anyway, saying that since he released that Undead he's responsible. Tachibana says for Mutsuki just to watch how he fights, not to interfere.

Hajime arrives to where the Centipede Undead, transforming. Soon after, Kenzaki arrives where Kotaro's on his date and is attacked by the flashy Undead, who says not to interfere with their date before hitting Kenzaki with a sonic scream. Kenzaki asks if he's the Undead going after Kotaro. The Undead says he's right and transforms, attacking.

Meanwhile, Tachibana and Mutsuki arrive just in time to see Hajime finish off the Centipede Undead. Hajime and Tachibana have a long stare, Hajime flashing back to Tachibana, under Isaka's control, attacking him while Kenzaki fights the Capricorn Undead.

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Centipede Undead
Capricorn Undead

Major events:
Tachibana connects with Mutsuki
Kotaro is targeted by Undead

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