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Episode 19
One Who Conquers Darkness
(暗黒を征す者 Ankoku o Seisu Mono)

Episode Summary

The episode opens with a recap of Kiryuu becoming Leangle. Leangle jumps into the fray, beat on Chalice while Tachibana watches in shock. Leangle knocks Chalice down and starts beating on his helmet, saying that despite being Undead, Chalice is letting human spirit turn him into a coward.

Tachibana yells for Kiryuu to stop, but Leangle turns and in Kiryuu’s voice tells him that Tachibana needs to fight as Garren before leaving the fight, commanding the Undead to do likewise.

At a river, Kiryuu breaks transform, saying he’s finally obtained the ultimate power and is the ultimate Kamen Rider.

Back at Shiari Farm, Kenzaki asks Mutsuki if he finally understands how the Belt is, and that it shouldn’t be used, telling Mutsuki to go back to his normal life. As Mutsuki dejectedly walks away, he gets a call from Nozomi, but he is too upset to do anything more than cry.

After Mutsuki leaves, the group shifts to focus on the new problem of Leangle; Kiryuu. Kotaro reflects that it means there’s another person who’s compatible. Hirose says that maybe since Kiryuu has a strong will, he could overcome the evil will of the Belt. Tachibana counters that the Kiryuu that Hirose once knew was gone. After a brief cut to Hajime passing out at the Jacaranda, Kenzaki tells Tachibana that he thinks Tachibana is the only person who can save Kiryuu.

Haruka calls Kotaro, telling him that something’s wrong with Hajime. Kenzaki and Kotaro arrive just in time to see Hajime react poorly to Amane putting a cloth on his forehead. Kenzaki pulls him back, holding him until he passes out. Kotaro and Kenzaki argue briefly about Hajime, Kotaro saying he’s going to stay to keep an eye on his family, before Kenzaki gets a call from Hirose saying that Tachibana just left to meet with Kiryuu.

Mutsuki is back to being an awkward, apologetic failure at basketball, much to Nozomi’s relief. Leangle’s hold over him, however, it still there…

Meeting with Kiryuu, Tachibana demands to know why he has to fight him, and asks him to return Leangle’s belt. Kiryuu says he;s finally obtained power and that the belts will and his own are the same; that he’ll destroy everything and every Rider, and that’s why he and Tachibana have to fight. Tachibana demands to know what happened to Kiryuu’s sense of justice, only to be told that Kiryuu doesn’t care about it any more, and that he realized that justice was just an excuse. Tachibana tells him to stop talking, that he doesn’t want to hear it any more, only to have Kiryuu grab him, demanding that he fight as Garren.

Mutsuki returns home and starts ransacking his room, hunting for Leangle’s belt, getting more and more in a panic. He rushes downstairs, accusing his parents of hiding his Belt to keep him in the darkness and trying to throttle his father.

Back at the dock, Kenzaki tells Tachibana that he feels like he heard the real voice of Kiryuu’s heart, asking Tachibana to save him. Tachibana turns away, telling Kenzaki to stop since there’s nothing he can do.

At Shirai farm, Hirose hears a sound from an unused room and sees Mutsuki grabbing the Garren Belt and escaping out the window. Unable to catch him, she calls Kenzaki, who tells Tachibana what’s happened. The pair rush off after Mutsuki, cornering him briefly. Tachibana tells him to return the belt, since he can’t use it, but Mutsuki says he knows…

Meanwhile, Kiryuu watches as the released Undead attack civilians before transforming, waiting for Tachibana to arrive.

Mutsuki, rather than hand over the Belt, rushes across the train tracks, running to where Kiryuu is waiting. He begs Kiryuu to give back Leangle, offering him Garren as trade. Kiryuu returns that there’s only one person qualified to be Garren, and that isn’t him before pushing Mutsuki away. Tachibana and Kenzaki arrive, Tachibana calling out to Kiryuu. Kenzaki quickly gets between them, protecting Tachibana from attack as he transforms.

Kenzaki pleads for Tachibana to fight, but Tachibana isn’t sure if he can in his current state. He flashes back to Kiryuu’s trial for Garren, and the following conversation in the hospital where Kiryuu asks him to fight in his stead. Tachibana watches the fight tensely until the released Undead go to attack him. He rushes for where the Garren Belt had fallen when Mutsuki had been pushed, fighting against the Undead untransformed until he’s able to reach it. He vaults over the edge to where Blade and Leangle are fighting, transforming mid air and rushing in to fight Leangle, pushing Kenzaki back when he attempts to assist, saying that he’ll handle it. Despite a shaky start, he swiftly gains the upper hand, and is able to shoot Leangle’s hand away from his cards to prevent him from using Remote to break his combo.

Kiryuu is knocked back, transform breaking as he tries to recover. Mutsuki approaches, picking up the Leangle belt; the spiders that had been with Kiryuu returning to him. As Kiryuu watches, he transforms, then sends the released Undead to attack him.

Tachibana hears Kiryuu scream and rushes to save him, calling out Kiryuu’s name in a panic as he and Kenzaki battle the Undead. Kenzaki swiftly reseals his cards and performs a Lightning Sonic on Boar Undead to seal it as well.

Tachibana rushes over to where Kiryuu has collapsed, calling his name repeatedly. Despite his condition, Kiryuu asks Tachibana what’s with the tearful face, calling it pathetic. He says he always wanted to tell Tachibana to be more of an idiot, that he’s too serious and a boring guy. He then says that it’s for the best, reaching out to put his hand over Tachibana’s, saying that in the end, he couldn’t beat Tachibana before passing away.

Mutsuki, still as Leangle, has been watching, and turns and walks away, breaking transform.

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