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Episode 18
Soul Manipulated by Darkness
(暗闇を操る魂 Kurayami o Ayatsuru Tamashii)

Episode Summary

Opens up with Mutsuki’s transform and attacking Kenzaki.

Leangle releases Kenzaki’s cards before knocking them side and viciously attacking, ignoring Kenzaki’s attempts to get him to stop. But before he can defeat Kenzaki, Leangle again is struck by the high pitched whine migraine and his transform breaks.

Kenzaki grabs Mutsuki, demanding to know what the hell Mutsuki was trying, but Mutsuki has no idea what’s even happened, and tells Kenzaki as much.

Meanwhile, Tachibana arrives at the pier where Kiryuu is waiting for him…

Kenzaki grabs he Leangle belt and Mutsuki and hauls him off.

Kiryuu asks Tachibana if it’s true that he rejected Garren. Tachibana is shocked, wanting to know how Kiryuu knew it. Kiryuu tells him that Karasuma told him, and asked him to help Tachibana with his power. But Kiryuu thinks Tachibana is pathetic, and he won’t be helping him, saying that he should have become Garren. While Tachibana is looking guilty, the police radio on Kiryuu’s bike goes off, announcing an incident at an amusement park. Kiryuu says for Tachibana to follow and see what he does now.

Kenzaki has hauled Mutsuki back to Shirai farm, where he gets a lecture from the group, Kenzaki saying the reason that Mutsuki can’t remember is that he’s being controlled. Mutsuki apologizes, but also protests that the belt gives his body strength, and if he just keeps at it, he’s sure that he’ll be able to be a proper Kamen Rider. Kenzaki says he’ll hold onto Leangle’s belt and that Mutsuki shouldn’t get involved. As Mutsuki leaves, Kenzaki reflects that Mutsuki should forget about the Riders and just go back to his normal life.

At the amusement park, Kiryuu is going after a creep who has kidnapped a small girl. Despite the man’s attempts to use the girl as a shield, Kiryuu advances, and as Tachibana watches, Kiryuu pins the man against a metal fence, tells the girl to run, and then electrocutes her kidnapper, even as Tachibana begs him to stop.

Afterwards, Kiryuu says he’s sure Tachibana will chastised him for his actions, Tachibana agrees, saying what Kiryuu did is unforgivable. Kiryuu says that they’re all trash, so what does it matter, and then when Tachibana says he’s wrong, cuts him off, demanding to know what he would even know, as he threw away Garren. Kiryuu asserts that he was the more qualified candidate before flashing back to when he tested the Garren System, where the field rejected him. He takes off his glove, telling Tachibana that he lost his hand in that accident, showing off the artificial one that he uses for his electrocutions. He says that in his heart the passion for justice still burned, and asks if a coward like Tachibana could even understand. As Tachibana stands there, looking like a kicked puppy, Kiryuu rides off.

Back at Shirai farm, Tachibana shares the news, getting over emotional over it, saying that Kiryuu is wrong, but he’s so strong in his convictions, maybe he should have been Garren…. Kenzaki protests as the camera pulls back to show Leangle’s belt and card start to emit smoke and then vanish…

...re-appearing in Mutsuki’s room. He picks it up, ecstatic that it came back, and promises as the light in his room vanishes to make its power his and get stronger so he can break free from “that dark place”

The next basketball game, Mutsuki’s playing has gotten aggressive, to where he’s knocking down other players until he gets sent to the sidelines. Nozomi asks if he’s feeling all right just as the same two upperclassmen come up demanding to know WTF he was doing. Nozomi says he should apologize, but Mutsuki instead attacks them and runs off. Kenzaki grabs him as he runs, asking him if he knows where the belt is as it vanished. Mutsuki says he doesn’t know, he gave it back, after all, and Nozomi stops Kenzaki to ask if something’s going on.

They talk some, Kenzaki asking Nozomi what sort of person Mutsuki is, as there’s something worrying him. Nozomi says that he once told her that he was born out of darkness..”

Meanwhile, Kiryuu is stalking his next target and chases him through a red light where he crashes his bike. The man runs off, pushing Mutsuki to the side, only to be grabbed, Mutsuki twisting his arm until he passes out before exchanging a long glare with Kiryuu….

Back at the Jacaranda, Amane has Hajime try out a new drink that she’s made. After, Hajime flashes back to Leangle’s comment about him being too weak.

Kenzaki tells Tachibana that he hasn’t found Leangle’s belt yet and that he think Mutsuki has it again. Tachibana says that it’s his fault for sealing the Ace, just like Kiryuu’s situation is his fault, because he stole Garren from him. Kenzaki protests that Tachibana can’t be responsible for everything. Tachibana agrees, but says it’s because he’s a weak man. He discarded Garren and made a flashy exit, made excuses to Kenzaki… but he’s just afraid of being alone.

Nozomi chases after Mutsuki, demanding to know what’s going on just as Mutsuki suddenly collapses, saying that it feels like something is burning up inside him. Nozomi spots tiny spiders crawling out from under Mutsuki’s shirt, then chases after him when he runs off, asking him what’s wrong. Under the Spiders thrall, Mutsuki grabs and pins her, trying to choke her. He comes to his senses, wondering what he was doing before running off, Nozomi chasing after.

Mutsuki attempts to throw the buckle into the water, but after sinking out of sight, it appears behind him, commanding him to accept it and it’s power. Mutsuki yells that it’s the belt’s fault he attacked Nozomi. He picks it up to throw it back in the water as Kenzaki and Tachibana arrive, only the belt floats out of his hand, attaching itself to his waist. As Mutsuki attempts to pry it off, it activates, the field over taking Mutsuki as he tries to get away, transforming him into Leangle.

Leangle calls his bike to him, driving off as Hirose alerts Kenzaki to the Undead near by. Leangle arrives where the Undead he unsealed [Deer, Jaguar, Locust & Boar] are and starts fighting. Tachibana and Kenzaki arrive, joined by Hajime who quickly transforms alongside Kenzaki and join in the fray as Tachibana watches. Leangle attacks Chalice and Blade as they fight the Undead. When Leangle goes to choke Blade, the flashbacks to Nozomi begging Mutsuki to stop are enough to break Leangle’s hold over Mutsuki long enough for Kenzaki to us the Beat card to break Mutsuki’s transformation, sending him tumbling down the embankment.

As Mutsuki passes out, Kiryuu approaches, taking the belt. Loading the Ace into it, he activates it, causing the small spiders that Nozomi had spotted on Mutsuki to crawl over to him. As Tachibana watches in horror, Kiryuu activates the belt, transforming before directing the unsealed Undead to attack Blade and Chalice….

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Undead Apperances: Deer, Jaguar, Locust & Boar
Major events:

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