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Episode 17
Evil Belt
(邪悪なベルト Jaaku na Beruto)

Episode Summary

Opens with over dramatic Leangle entrance~

Leangle shows up and knocks down Chalice and Blade before starting a proper fight. He beats on the pair, commenting that Chalice’s power is too weak. When Blade goes to do a combo attack, Leangle activates Remote, releasing the Undead from the cards, whom quickly run away.

Leangle chases after Centipede Undead, freezing it with the Blizzard attack before sealing it again. Kenzaki catches up just as Leangle starts to have a reaction to something, acting as if he as a migraine and rides off. Kenzaki watches before running back to Hajime’s side to make sure he’s okay.

Hajime repeats that he won’t team up with anyone as he walks off. Kenzaki watches him a moment before telling him to do whatever he wants and then wondering about Leangle and he’s strength.

Meanwhile, Leangle pulls over, the noise in his head starting to be overwhelming. He clutches at his head before falling over, transform breaking, leaving Mutsuki sprawled out on the ground, worn out and having no idea where he is or what’s just happened.

Kenzaki returns to Shirai farm to tell Kotaro and Hirosei about the new Rider. Tachibana breezes in, telling them about the kid he saw pick up the buckle, that his name is Mutsuki and he’s likely a high schooler. Kotaro worries that they have to do something, since Karasuma said the belt has an evil will. Kenzaki begs Tachibana to search for it with him. When Tachibana fidgets uncomfortably and doesn't answer, Kenzaki runs to the other room and brings Tachibana the Garren Buckle, trying to return it to him. Tachibana turns away, saying he doesn’t need it, that he can’t fight yet.

Meanwhile, at the Kamijou residence, Mutsuki’s sure he transformed, but can’t recall anything about it. But he’s not at all deterred, saying that someday, he’ll be a Rider like the others.

That night, he’s gripped by nightmares and wakes up suddenly. He clings to the belt, asking it to save him with it’s power…

The next day, Kenzaki & Tachibana go from high school to school, asking if anyone knows a Mutsuki. Meanwhile Mutsuki’s doing suddenly well at basketball, something he thinks must be because of the belt. In the locker room after the game, Nozomi says how awesome he was, and that she had no idea he had that sort of talent. Mutsuki says it’s the first time it went perfectly for him. Two upperclass members of the team show up, asking Mutsuki the hell he was thinking, that basketball is a team sport. Nozomi tells them to stuff it, but Mutsuki quiets her and apologizes, saying he just got swept up in the excitement. Nozomi demands to know why he apologized when he didn’t do anything wrong. Mutsuki says he hates conflict, and if he apologizes, it’s all taken care of.

Meanwhile, Tachibana passes a cop car chasing after a criminal. The cops pull to stop trying to find the man, who attacks them. Before he can make his escape in the cop car, however, another motorcycle rider shows up. When the man attacks, he hits against a metal arm. The rider shoves him against the wall and says the criminal doesn’t deserve to live before electrocuting him and riding off. Just in time for Tachibana to spot and recognize him…

Meanwhile, Kenzaki rushes up to another high schooler, asking him if he knows a Mutsuki… only to recognize and be recognized by the teen he rescued from the Lion Undead. Mutsuki takes Kenzaki to lunch to thank him for rescuing him. Kenzaki asks if he does know this Mutsuki guy, and Mutsuki plays dumb, asking what this Mutsuki did. Kenzaki explains that Mutsuki has a belt that he need to retrieve. Mutsuki says he wishes he could be a Rider, even just once. Kenzaki tells him not to be stupid, that it’s a pain, with bad pay and no overtime pay. Mutsuki says that if he were a Rider, maybe he’d be able to change and end that “unpleasant dream” and live with everyone, remembering the nightmare that had woken him.

Tachibana is still out searching for Kiryuu… while one of the released Undead attacks a person.

Cut to a supermarket where Mutsuki’s partime joke where Mutsuki isn’t leaving despite having a basketball tournament he’s should be going to. Mutuski says working is satisfying since everyone needs to buy food to live. It’s peaceful. A customer comes up with a pricing dispute, and despite Nozomi saying that the price charged was right Mutsuki apologies and refunds.

Meanwhile, a shoplifter rushes away with a group of bottles, and Mutsuki is sent to chase after him. The shoplifter passes by Kenzaki, who’s bike is having troubles, and stuffs one of the bottles in his back pocket. Because Kenzaki’s wearing similar clothes, Mutsuki falls for the ruse and laments that Kenzaki had fallen to that level, saying that he would have bought it for him if he had known. Kenzaki has no idea what Mutsuki is on about, but is dragged back to the store by the manager and grilled for his supposed theft.

Kenzaki protests that he didn’t do it, but the manager says she’ll hand Kenaki to the cops if he doesn’t confess. Kenzaki panics, envisioning the resulting news cast ad apologizes.

Mutuski follows after him as he leaves, despite Kenzaki being clearly annoyed at him. Mutsuki also wants to know more about being a Rider…

Meanwhile, back at Shirai Farm, Tachibana is grilling Hirose about Kiryuu. She protests she hasn't heard anything about him since the accident and then asks Tachibana why he’s suddenly asking about him, and if he ran into him. Tachibana doesn’t answer, and swiftly after, the Searcher goes off, followed by Tachibana’s phone ringing. It’s Kiryuu calling….

Kenzaki tells Mutsuki to knock it off, that being a Rider isn’t playtime. If he blindly rushes in. he’ll get hurt. Hirose interrupts, telling him about the Undead as Tachibana is rushing out. Kenzaki percussive maintenances his bike into working again. Mutsuki tries to hop onto Kenzaki’s bike but Kenzaki pushes him away and rides away.

Kotaro asks Hirose who Kiryuu is and she tells him he was the Garren candidate before Tachibana. Kenzaki arrives on scene where the Boar Undead is attacking and jumps into the fight. Mutsuki arrives on the scene, saying that he’s going to fight as well as a Rider, even as Kenzaki tells him to run. Pulling out his belt, he transforms, breaking in and kicking the Boar Undead away. Kenzaki realizes that that kid is Mutsuki, but the Rider, in a voice that is not Mutsuki’s, returns that his name is Leangle, the ultimate Rider, and then attacks Kenzaki. Again, when Kenzaki pulls out his cards to do a combo, he pulls out the Remote card and unseals the Undead...

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: Kiryuu
Undead Apperances:
Boar Undead
Major events: Tachibana spots, and then tries to find, Kiryuu. Kenzaki searches for (and finds) Mutsuki

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