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Episode 16
Leangle's Power
(レンゲルの力 Rengeru no Chikara)

Episode Summary

As Isaka is sealed, the hold over those he had been controlling breaks and his limo and truck screech to a stop, most everyone fleeing. Isaka's flunky and Karasuma are some of the few who emerge more slowly, the flunky wondering why he's even there. Karasuma realizes that he was mind controlled not long before Kenzaki reaches him.

Meanwhile, Tachibana is standing on the beach, watching the waves. Kenzaki rushes excitedly over, showing him the Ace and the new Belt as Karasuma congratulates him on a job well done. Tachibana, however, returns his Belt and Ace to Karasuma. Kenzaki asks why, when the Undead are still not all sealed, and Tachibana just apologizes. Karasuma says that Kenzaki told him about Sayoko, and takes responsibility for it. Kenzaki begs Kenzaki not to, but Tachibana just thanks him, saying he enjoyed working with him before taking his leave.

Back at Kotaro's, Karasuma confirms that under Isaka's control, he made the new Belt. Kotaro points out that with a new belt, there'll be a new Rider, and to replace Tachibana...

Kenzaki doesn't let him finish, telling him not to talk so easily about replacing Tachibana. Hirose says that they should leave Tachibana be for now, which Kenzaki agrees to.

Kotaro turns back to Karasuma and asks if he can try out the new Belt, saying it would be cool and mimicking Kenzaki's transform post. Karasuma says the new belt is different than Blade and Garren, and that besides Isaka's mind control, he also worked under the Spider Undead's evil will. As Kotaro reflects on that, the card glows briefly and his vision starts to sway..

Meanwhile, up on the rooftop, Dragonfly Undead is again trolling for Chalice. It sends a single dragonfly to the Jacaranda, taunting Hajime that it knows his weakness. When he goes to chase it, Amane stops him, asking what's wrong. When he says he just needs to step out for a moment, Amane takes the opportunity for a "first date," to have lunch outside. As he eats, she tells him that she and her mother aren't worried about Hajime's secret, because what's important is that they both love Hajime. Hajime stares, utterly touched, and thanks her.

Back at Kotaro's, Kenzaki has a mournful flashback to first meeting Tachibana before going to sleep on the couch. But someone in the house isn't asleep and sneaks up to the attic room to seal the new belt...

Karasuma bursts into the living room, waking Kenzaki to tell him the belt is gone. Kenzaki, still mostly asleep, thinks he means Tachibana's belt, and holds it up. When Karasuma says not that, Kenzaki holds up his own belt. Karasuma exclaims that he means the belt Isaka had him make and Kenzaki startles fully awake and falls onto the floor. Hirose emerges and is told similar, and spots someone outside the window...

Kotaro, looking hypnotized, is wandering in his pajamas, holding up the card and belt. He slowly loads it, holding it up to his waist when Kenzaki's yell startles him awake. Seeing what he's holding, he drops it, somehow managing to open the belt in the process. As the image of the Ace appears and starts moving towards him, Kenzaki pushes him out of the way, taking the field himself. Briefly,the new Rider's form appears over him before the field explodes, knocking him back. When Karasuma goes to retrieve the belt, all that's where it fell is a smoking crater. The belt has manage to teleport away....

Karasuma, out of ideas, takes a flight to Tibet, to the origin of the Humanity Foundation Lab, the BOARD stone, hoping to find something new that will help them against the Undead.

Tachibana is lost in flashbacks, remembering a date with Sayoko. She thanks him for the graduation puzzle, and gives him a gift in exchange for finding a job. As he opens it, she asks him what he hates most in the world, a question that puzzles him. She says that for her, it's war, lies, violence. An elementary schooler's answer, according to Tachibana. Sayoko counters that children are pure that way, and she doesn't want to forget that purity. He smiles, thanking her for the watch she gave him. A watch that present day Tachibana is still wearing as he comes out of his memories.

Passing by, Mutsuki is attempting to explain to his girlfriend, Nozomi, that he wasn't lying. She can't believe his story (despite it being true to what happened.) When he tries to get her not to walk away, he accidently grabs her bag, spilling tennis balls everywhere, which he scrambles to pick up. Only as he's retrieving them, he spots the belt in the grass.... The Ace glows, making Mutsuki's vision swirm the same as Kotaro's did...

Nozomi asks Tachibana to pass her the last ball, then calls to Mutsuki, drawing Tachibana's attention to him as he pockets the belt. But when he asks Mutsuki what he found, he says it's nothing, and runs home.

Rushing up to his room, he pulls out the belt, which glows brightly in his hand, and remembers the Spider Undead calling to him. As he zones out, the image of the spider appears over him....

Kenzaki and company have arrived at the Jacaranda, but Kotaro is not at all happy. Kenzaki reminds him not to mess with Hajime, since he can be a good source of information... and he and Hirose tease him to smile, which... he doesn't quite manage. He returns Hajime's greeting stiffly, and Amane tells him not to be so stuck up, and then proceeds to tell Hajime how much of a chicken Kotaro is. Hajime goes to give Kenzaki and Hirose their drinks and tells them to tell Kotaro that he won't forgive him if he says anything "unnecessary." They say they want to talk to him, and ask if they can meet him later, but Hajime refuses. Spotting a dragonfly outside the window, he says he's going out and starts to leave, despite Amane chasing after, asking him what's up.

Moments after he leaves, the Searcher goes off. Kenzaki realizes that Hajime "caught" it before the Searcher did and then rushes off. Kotaro is deeply unhappy at the reminder that Hajime really is an Undead...

Dragonfly Undead is grabbing people off the street, hauling them up to the roof of a parking garage. Hajime wastes no time and rides his bike up the stairs to get there faster. The battle has already started when Kenzaki rushes in. Dragonfly Undead however, uses his flying ability to his advantage, and hauls Hajime out into the air and over the city. Unperturbed, Hajime shoots him at point blank range, sending them both crashing down into a restaurant, where they continue their fighting without regard for the bystanders screaming.

Kenzaki arrives and tries to get Hajime to take it outside, but Hajime's far too focused on the fight. Kenzaki winds up taking a stray attack that would have hit the bystanders, reflecting that Hajime is like a wild animal...

Finally, the fight does wind up back outside, Hajime rather brutally defeating the other Undead and sealing it. He realizes Kenzaki is watching him and when questioned, Kenzaki says he doesn't understand Hajime, and wonders if they can fight together... Hajime says he won't join with anyone, not even for Amane's sake. It's the only way he knows.

But before the conversation can continue, dramatic dark clouds fly overhead as a new Rider approaches... while elsewhere, Tachibana is asking people if they know a Mutsuki, trying to find the boy who found the belt....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: Nozomi
Undead Apperances:
Dragonfly Undead
Major events:
Mutsuki receives Leangle's belt

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