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Episode 15
The One Adapted to Fate
(運命の適合者 Unmei no Tekigōsha)

Episode Summary

Kotaro and Hirose try to find Amane and Haruka as Kenzaki arrives. Hirose says that the car is still there. Kotaro spots Hajime racing by and Kenzaki wonders if he’s going to where Amane and Haruka are and chases after.

Hajime arrives where the Dragonfly Undead is, transforming and rushing in to fight. Kenzaki arrives soon after and Hajime yells for him to rescue Amane and Haruka.

The Dragonfly Undead runs from the fight as Hajime starts to get the upper hand, Kotaro and Hirose arriving soon after for the rescue. When asked what happened, Haruka says she just woke up there, and Amane adds that there was a monster...

Kotaro goes over to Kenzaki, demanding to know where Hajime was. Kenzaki tells him that Hajime was fighting the Undead, but Kotaro says that because Hajime lived with Haruka and Amane, it's his fault that they were kidnapped. Kenzaki counters that Hajime was the one who saved them, and then tells Kotaro to take them home.

Hajime watches the car pull away before heading back down, telling Kenzaki that the Undead ran after luring him there, and then says he can't be near Amane and Haruka. Kenzaki counters that if something happened when Hajime was away, he couldn't protect them, and says Hajime should stay with them so he can.

The next morning, Tachibana arrives at Isaka's lab, where Isaka is having a fit that no one compatible for the Ace has been found yet. He assumes Tachibana is there for the seaweed bath, but Tachibana demands to know if Isaka killed Sayoko. Isaka says that it was for Tachibana's sake, that "that woman" prevented him from getting stronger. As Tachibana transforms, Isaka says that there's no way he can beat him, and that he can't fight without the seaweed. Tachibana in response shoots the tank, saying he can't rely on that, and that he can't believe he relied on someone who killed Sayoko.

Boss fight cutscene: Garren vs Peacock Undead! FIGHT!

Despite not being powered up by the seaweed, Tachibana is in top form, swiftly knocking Isaka back into human form. As he approaches to land the final blows, hand on his gun trembling slightly, Isaka throws a fireball and vanishes in the dust cloud.

Back in his limo, he looks at the damage Tachibana dealt him, wonder how suddenly Garren is on his level. His flunky suggests that Sayoko's death eliminated his fear. Isaka says it's likely but he's not worried since they have the Ace. All they need is someone compatible and the Ultimate Rider will be born...

Tachibana arrives at Kotaro's and tells Kenzaki and Hirose about Sayoko. Tachibana blames himself. When Kenzaki starts to protest, he tells them Isaka killed her, and asks Hirose to track him down so he can finish the fight. When Kotaro asks if he's going for revenge, Tachibana answers that revenge is all he has left, and he doesn't care what happens to him any longer. He adds that somehow, with Sayoko's death, his fear was gone, and calls himself pathetic for it. Hirose attempts to give him assurances, which he thanks her for before riding off.

Kotaro meanwhile is adjusting the dish that the searcher is hooked to, saying that he has to do something. Tachibana lost his girlfriend and is risking his life, and here he can't even protect Amane...

Meanwhile, Isaka has a new batch of candidates to test out, including one familiar face... being looked at by Karasuma...!

Isaka asks if he's found someone yet, and Karasuma says Mutsuki has the highest compatibility level. Mutsuki is woken, and dragged off to test the belt. Isaka mind controls him into submission and activates the belt. As the field hits Mutuski, however, the boy is flung back in an explosion that knocks out the lights.

Despite the failure, Isaka is thrilled at the power the belt has shown, saying that soon, the ultimate Rider will be in his hands! The batch of failed candidates are dumped in the middle of the road in a pile in a tunnel. After being woken up, Mutsuki flips out and runs off...

...To the Jacaranda. He asks Amane and Haruka if they saw a girl there... He had had a date that he missed, thanks to Isaka.. but his date is looong gone. Amane seems pleased as Mutsuki curls up, telling him how his date was pissed off. Seeming broken, Mutsuki apologizes and shuffles off. As Haruka wonders what was up with that, Amane cheerfully declares that it's fine because any guy who makes a girl wait is the worst.

But waiting outside in the rain, is a very soaked Hajime, remembering Kenzaki's words. Amane rushes out to hug him, and when Haruka tells him "welcome home," demands that Hajime says "I'm home" in response, all but dragging him inside after he does.

Kotaro is none too pleased to hear that Hajime has returned, but Kenzaki stops him from rushing out to try and expose Hajime's true identity, saying that it'll just cause Amane and Haruka heartbreak. He thinks it's a good thing that Hajime's returned, so that he can protect them. Kotaro can't deal with this and flips out, screaming.

The Searcher goes off, likely detecting Isaka. Hirose calls Tachibana, who's at Sayoko's office, staring at the completed puzzle. He requests that Kenzaki not interfere... this is his fight. As he rides off, he promises Sayoko that this time, he'll avenge her...

Isaka's current target is a surfer, and Kenzaki arrives in time to see Karasuma, who doesn't react to him at all, even when Kenzaki calls out to him. Isaka sends his flunky and Karasuma off and transforms to Undead form to attack Kenzaki. Tachibana arrives as Kenzaki is knocked back, and tells Kenzaki to go after Karasuma and leave Isaka to him...

Kenzaki rushes off as Tachibana and Isaka stare each other down. Tachibana declares that Isaka is the only person he can never forgive, and that he'll defeat him.

As he fights, Tachibana thinks of Sayoko, speaking to her memory, saying that he has countless memories of her, and countless things remind him of her, and that more than anything, he won't forget her smile. As he's beating up Isaka, he finally is able to confess his love for Sayoko to her memory, and yells her name as he launches Burning Divide, defeating Isaka.

Isaka can’t understand how this could have happened as he collapses, and with utter disdain, Tachibana drops the card on Isaka to seal him, clutching the it tightly as he looks out over the water...

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Major events:
Hajime returns to Jacaranda
Tachibana seals Isaka

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