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Episode 14
Ace Sealed!
(エース封印! Ēsu Fūin!)

Episode Summary

Back at base, all signals have disappeared. Kenzaki gets to the bridge too late and starts looking around for any signs of anything.

Meanwhile, Isaka has returned to his lab, and is watching Tachibana soak in the seaweed tank again. He doesn't care that the Ace has escaped since a "pest" (aka, Hajime) has been taken care of.

Kenzaki glances over the side of the bridge and manages to spot Hajime in the ravine. He rushes down to him, trying to wake him and notices the green blood....

He manages to bring Hajime to an abandoned house in the ravine, getting a fire started to cook after taking care of Hajime's injuries. When Hajime wakes and Kenzaki greets him, Hajime asks why he helped him. Kenzaki says he can't just ignore someone who's collapsed in front of him. Hajime says no one asked him to, and when Kenzaki says he'll just leave Hajime there next time, Hajime agrees he should, and then unsuccessfully attempts to get up.

Hirose has gotten worried because Kenzaki hasn't answered his phone, and decides to go to where Kenzaki was heading, Kotaro following.

Hajime's not having luck resting, as another Undead is calling out for him. When he wakes, Kenzaki asks him what was wrong, but Hajime says it's nothing. Kenzaki hands him a bowl, saying that since he's lived alone so long, he's a decent cook. When Hajime doesn't take it, Kenzaki asks if he can't eat human food, and then wonders if normal medicine was a good idea, considering that green blood... As if to try and shut him up, Hajime grabs the bowl and starts eating.

Kotaro and Hirose arrive at the bridge and manage to spot Kenzaki over the side, and hurry down. He asks why they came and tries to act like nothings up, but Kotaro doesn't buy it, and pushes through, despite Kenzaki's protests. Seeing Hajime, Kotaro and Hirose rush in, and then ask Kenzaki what's going on. Kenzaki awkwardly defends the situation, and tells Hajime he'll be back to check up on him later and goes to leave. Kotaro rushes after, reminding Kenzaki that Hajime's not human, but an Undead, their enemy. Kenzaki counters that Hajime's saved Amane so many times, but Kotaro blames Hajime for everything that's happening around Amane and Haruka, and tells Hajime to never go near them again.

The searcher goes off, detecting the Ace. Kenzaki rushes off, hoping that if he seals the Ace, Tachibana will return to normal. Hirose and Kotaro rush off to support Kenzaki (with one last barb at Hajime from Kotaro.)

Spider Undead is at a park, sucking the life out of someone to create more children.

Sayoko spots Tachibana on his bike, and yells out for him, stopping her car and rushing over to him as he screeches to a hault. She says she's been trying to reach him, and he looks away, telling her to forget about him. He starts to drive away, but she tells him to wait, grabbing hold of him and moving in front of the bike. She asks if he's heard of the plant, the Schuld Kestner seaweed, and he looks away, saying he takes it in water. She tells him he should stop, that he can't rely on it. He says using that water, he's complete, able to forget about the fighting and everything else, only to correct himself, saying it makes it more enjoyable, that excitement fills him when he fights. Sayoko begs him to come to his senses.

He counters that he had said before that he wanted to live like a firework, leaving behind a visible flower in the sky, and that's what this is. Sayoko counters that he can't live like that, and that she wants to live like a quiet flower by the roadside, with him. He hesitates a moment before saying that they live their lives differently, and he can't be with her any longer before pulling away and driving off.

Isaka contacts Tachibana, sending him after the Ace. Kenzaki spots Tachibana as he pulls into the road and follows after, but Isaka shoots a blast at him, knocking him off the road and his bike, and tells Kenzaki not to get in Tachibana's way. Kenzaki transforms and attacks, but Isaka sends another blast at him to knock him back, then vanishes.

Hirose and Kotaro run into Kenzaki, just in time to hear a scream. They follow it to find a woman in spider silk, whom they quickly rescue.

Kenzaki returns to where Hajime is putting out the fire, readying to leave. Kenzaki asks if he's healed, and Hajime says Kenzaki's medicine worked. Kenzaki asks about the spider children, and Hajime explains that the children find traits suitable for the Ace, but Isaka's using them to find his new Rider. Somewhere, that person it out there, unaware of his fate...

The scene changes to Mutsuki back at the basketball court, a new spider descending near by...

Kenzaki has followed Hajime back to his bike, and asks him where he's going. Hajime answers that he'll continue his fight. Alone. But he thanks Kenzaki for saving him before he rides off. Moments later, Kenzaki gets a call from Hirose, telling him the Ace has appeared again.

Tachibana's already on it, and arrives where the Ace is, transforming and rushing in to attack.

Sayoko pulls her car over, wondering where Tachibana went to and gets out to look around, just as Isaka's limo pulls up. He reminds her that he had given her a warning and that he wouldn't forgive anyone who got in Tachibana's way. Sayoko turns to run, but isn't able to dodge Isaka's blast, and goes flying...

Meanwhile, Tachibana manages to land Burning Divide on the Spider Undead, defeating him. Isaka arrives just after Tachibana seals the Ace, telling him to hand over the card. Tachibana reflects that with that card, Isaka's planning on creating a new Rider, and dealing that person a harsh fate...

Isaka's confused, and again tells him to hand the Ace over. Tachibana stands there, remembering Sayoko's words. When Isaka again orders him to give him the Ace, Tachibana refuses, saying he doesn't have to follow Isaka's orders, and that he's different than he was before. Isaka tells him that the effect of the plants should be wearing off, and wonders if Tachibana can defeat him before then....

As Tachibana fights Isaka, Hajime hears the Undead that was calling for him before, and pulls over. Meanwhile, Kotaro arrives at the Jacaranda to find Amane's book bag, but no Amane... or Haruka...

Tachibana is easily knocked back by Isaka, who tells him he's hit his time limit. He blasts Tachibana hard enough to break his transform, causing him to drop the newly sealed Ace. Isaka says Tachibana was never a threat to him, and that anytime Tachibana wants power, to come back and he’ll be waiting for him….

Kenzaki arrives just after Isaka leaves, rushing over to where Tachibana has collapsed, asking him what happened and where the Ace is. Tachibana says nothing, pulling away and lurching to his bike. Kenzaki asks if Isaka has the Ace, but again, Tachibana doesn't answer, and just rides away. Kenzaki wonders why Tachibana's so mad, and then gets a call from Hirose, saying that Haruka and Amane have gone missing.

Haruka wakes up in a tunnel, Amane alongside her. The Dragonfly Undead that has been calling out to Hajime is there, moving closer as he continues to call Hajime out. Hajime yells at it to leave Haruka and Amane alone, riding faster to reach them.

Tachibana spots Sayoko's car with its door wide open and comes to a stop. He spots her necklace in the scrub and rushes over, looking around before spotting her, further down the hill. He rushes over, desperately trying to wake her. Her eyes open and she smiles weakly, saying she finally found him. He tells her not to speak, that he'll get a doctor, but she grabs at him before he can leave, saying that she knows she's not going to make it. She tells him that she found the puzzle piece, and then apologizes, before going still....

As Hajime and Kenzaki rush to where Amane and Haruka are, Tachibana holds Sayoko’s body close, screaming her name.

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Spider Undead
Major events:
Kenzaki finds Hajime and tends him back to health
Isaka attacks Sayoko
Tachibana seals the Spider Undead
Amane and Haruka are kidnapped
Tachibana turns on Isaka
Sayoko dies

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