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Episode 13
Trap of Golden Thread
(金色の糸の罠 Kin'iro no Ito no Wana)

Episode Summary

The fight against the Spider Undead is going poorly. Kenzaki attempts to stop Tachibana, telling him he's being tricked and that Sayoko is worried, which gets Tachibana to pause briefly.

Meanwhile, Isaka is hovering outside Sayoko's window, and tells that this is her warning and not to get in Tachibana's way. Sayoko rushes to the window, wondering what on earth that even was, even more worried about Tachibana...

... who's pulled away from Kenzaki and is going to leave to chase after the escaping Spider Undead, despite Kenzaki's repeated attempts to hold him back. He says that he'll go his own way and shoves Kenzaki back before racing off. Kenzaki calls after him before jumping onto his bike and giving chase. He insists that he won't let the Ace fall into Isaka's hands, and wonders why Tachibana is acting like Isaka's lackey. He puts on a burst of speed, propelling his bike into the air to knock Tachibana off his. He yells back to Tachibana that he can't let Isaka have that Undead and rides off.

Only to come to a stop in a tunnel, seeing a seemingly abandoned car in the middle of the road. In the driver's seat is a dried husk of a corpse....

Up on a rooftop, Spider Undead releases a large swarm of spiders across the city. As the cloud settles, a teen named Mutsuki pauses his game of basketball to wonder at it...

The plant that Tachibana's been getting his strength from, according to the analysis Sayoko was given, is Schuld Kestner seaweed, an aquatic plant that causes the central nervous system to fire more intensely when absorbed through the skin. Hirose recalls that BOARD has data on it. The Undead would use water from those plants to enhance their fighting instinct. But the effect is temporary, and eventually, the chemical will destroy the nervous system. But with Tachibana addicted and reliant on the effect...

Sayoko insists there must be a way, and that if they don't hurry... she trails off, recalling Isaka's warning, but when Hirose asks her what's wrong, she waves it away and says that she's going to keep trying to persuade Tachibana, asking the others help.

Teasing Kotaro is interrupted by the Searcher going off; a new signal, a different Undead than the Ace has shown up!

The Lion Undead is meanising a youth baseball team. The coach, it seems, has one of Spider Undead's babies on him...

Kenzaki arrives at the scene after the police have shown up. He calls Hirose and tells her (and Kotaro) that the Undead kidnapped a person and then ran. Kotaro takes the phone and tells Kenzaki that he's heard rumors that young men have been kidnapped by monsters. Kenzaki wonders what's going on, when he spots Hajime. He quickly hangs up and rushes over. Kotaro's sure that Hajime has to be behind the kidnappings, and Kenzaki has a similar thought, asking Hajime flat outright if he's behind it. Hajime gives him a look and turns to leave. Kenzaki grabs his shoulder, telling him to answer. After telling Kenzaki not to touch him, he tells Kenzaki that Isaka is trying to find a candidate, and if he's not stopped, something horrible will happen. The Spider Undead is releasing children, who attach to suitable candidates...

Meanwhile, Spider Undead staggers out onto the basketball court, going to attack Mutsuki, but stopping. It repeats the name "Leangle" twice before vanishing in a bright light, leaving Mutsuki disoriented and wondering what he was just doing...

Kenzaki presses Hajime for more information, but Hajime says it has nothing to do with him, and wishes Kenzaki luck before turning to leave. Kenzaki says he'll protect people from the Undead, and will protect Haruka and Amane as Hajime leaves.

Kenzaki gets a call from Hirose, the Kidnapper Undead is at it again, chasing Mutsuki. Kenzaki jumps in to the rescue, knocking the Undead back so that it runs away. Kenzaki notices the spider on Mutsuki's jacket and knocks it off before leaving, assuming that's the end of that. When Mutsuki asks who he is, Kenzaki just smiles and rides away.

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Isaka is watchig Tachibana soak in the seaweed tank when he gets the report that Kenzaki's getting in the way of gathering candidates. The flunky also reports that there's no one of those they've collected who can stand the fusion level of the new system. Isaka says to erase their memories and dump them, wondering if there's any human compatible with the ultimate Undead....

Hirose and co are heading for the Jacaranda, Hirose musing on how Hajime knows what's going on already. Kenzaki points out that Hajime said it had nothing to do with him, but Kotaro says he's lying. He's the same as the thing that's attacking people, after all. Kenzaki counters that Hajime feels different. Hirose points out that Amane's approaching and they quickly stop the conversation.

It's Amane's 10th birthday! Kenzaki apologizes for not being dressed up, saying that Kotaro and Hirose didn't tell him. They point out that they did, but he forgot. Thus Kenzaki's present to her is an IOU. After blowing out the candles, Amane says she wished that Hajime would come home soon. She says she feels like he's near by, watching over. In truth, Hajime is just outside, watching, but has vanished when Kenzaki and co look over out the window.

The next morning, Hajime is wondering why "that girl" calls out to him... but his brooding is interrupted by awareness of the Spider Undead. He pauses, remembering Kenzaki saying he'll protect Amane and Haruka, and insists that he's not involved, and he'll fight for his own reasons.

Isaka sends Tachibana out after the Ace, telling him to properly show his power. Kenzaki also gets the alert, and is about to head out when a 2nd Undead appears, in a residential district. Since the Ace isn't hurting people at the moment, Kenzaki goes after the other Undead.

Instead, Hajime appears to get in Tachibana's way, saying he won't let the Ace fall into Isaka's hands, before transforming and attacking. Isaka asks Tachibana what the hold up is, and Tachibana says the Chalice guy Isaka told him about is there.

Kenzaki arrives where the Lion Undead is and going on the attack, swiftly whipping out a Lightning Sonic and defeated and sealing it.

Back on the bridge, Isaka has arrived. He tells Hajime that this will be where he dies and attacks, having Tachibana assist.

Back in her office, Sayoko's working on the puzzle of her and Tachibana's graduation and finds the piece that Tachibana says he ate hiding under the mist lamp...

Hirose tells Kenzaki that the Ace has gone missing, but two Undead are now fighting, as is Tachibana, and Kenzaki rushes off.

Hajime is not doing well against both Isaka and Tachibana, and as Isaka holds Hajime at bay, Tachibana pulls out a Burning Divide and knocks Hajime off the bridge. Isaka assumes it's done and sends Tachibana after the Ace.

Hajime thinks of Amane as he passes out in the ravine under the bridge....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Spider Undead
Lion Undead

Major events:
Spider Undead searching for candidates
Amane's birthday party
Hajime over the bridge

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