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Episode 12
Category Ace
(カテゴリーA / Kategorī Ēsu)

Episode Summary

First, a brief recap of Kenzaki sealing Jaguar Undead and running off to where Tachibana is fighting the Spider Undead.

Every time Tachibana pulls out a card, Spider Undead shoots out a bit of web to smack it out of his hand. Kenzaki arrives, but Tachibana pushes him away, saying he'll be the one to seal the Ace, and then defeat Kenzaki, but using "Blade" instead of Kenzaki's name.

Back on the boat, Hajime becomes aware of the fighting going on, but tells Jin it's nothing when he asks.

Tachibana's not having much luck with the Spider, and Kenzaki again tries to help. Tachibana manages to take advantage of the distraction to use one of his cards as Kenzaki has Spider Undead's attention, but the Undead runs away after being shot. Tachibana goes to attack Kenzaki next, but Isaka orders him to go after the Ace instead. Kenzaki tries to go after him, but Tachibana just shoots him and rides away.

Back at the Jacaranda, Kotaro tells his sister that he'll search for Amane and dashes off on his bike, saying he won't forgive Hajime is something happens to Amane.

Amane, meanwhile, has arrived at the place Jin had been playing at, and starts asking around after Hajime.

Back at Isaka's lab, his flunky asks if Tachibana is okay, but Isaka tells him that all that's important is the fight. "If he doesn't fight, he loses himself." Instinct is all that keeps him moving. When the flunky says that won't end well, Isaka points out that it's all to create the Ultimate Rider and that Tachibana will do his part.

Tachibana, meanwhile, is echoing Isaka's mandate that he only exists for power and to fight, utterly lost to the poison of the plant-water.

Kenzaki has returned home, telling Hirose about what happened, and talks about the Ace. Hirose says that Blade and Garren were created from Ace types, and they both realize that's why Isaka is after it, to create his new Rider.

Jin heads off to get something to eat, leaving Hajime to see Amane and Haruka's likeness in a mother and daughter looking at fish at the docks. He again flashbacks to Amane's dad's death, then to memories of staying with Amane and Haruka, both fond and worrying, and then his leaving the Jacaranda, saying that it's for the best.

He shakes off the flashbacks just before the Shell Undead emerges from the water to attack the mother and daughter. Hajime gets them to safety before transforming and fighting.

The fight sets off the Searcher, alerting Hirose and Kenzaki. But it's 2 hours away and the Searcher only barely is picking up the signal-- of two Undead fighting. Kenzaki heads out anyway.

Jin is returning to the docks as workers are running away, warning him about the monster fight. He rushes over, arriving just before the Shell Undead runs away. Hajime goes to check on the mother and daughter, but he hasn't broken his transform yet, and the mother smacks his hand and runs away. Dejected, he returns to human form, Jin watching and finally realizing Hajime is the Rider he saw.

Kenzaki, only partway there, gets a call from Hirose, telling him the signal is gone.

Sayoko spots Tachibana as he's blazing by on his bike and yells out to him, causing him to quickly stop. He waits, fidgeting badly as Sayoko gets them both drinks. She asks him where he's been, but he doesn't answer. He notices the bandage on her hand from where the Jaguar Undead attacked her and asks her about it, but she says it's nothing, and instead asks him how he is. Tachibana says he's fine, better than ever, but he's still is fidgeting and refusing to look at her. When she says it's because of the plant, he looks over, wided eyed. She tells him that she met Kenzaki and talked, and that Kenzaki is worried. She tries to get him to agree to go see him, but Tachibana looks away again, fidgeting awkwardly with his drink, and refuses.

Meanwhile, back at the docks, Hajime is brooding. Jin goes to approach him when his dad's car pulls up, sending him hiding back in the bushes again. Jin's father talks to Hajime, telling him that Jin is afraid to know himself, which is why he ran away, something that resonates deeply with Hajime. Jin's father says that Hajime has spoiled Jin, so that he won't stand on his own, and then attempts to bribe Hajime so he can take back his son, leaving Hajime baffled.

Spider Undead has shown itself again, and Hirose radios Kenzaki to go fight it. Isaka's own system picks up the Undead moments later, and he commands Tachibana to go after it.

As Tachibana is starting to leave, Sayoko rushes after him, asking him to wait. Tachibana hesitates a moment, fidgeting with his helmet saying that he had thought that he had wanted Sayoko at least to understand, but doesn't finish his thought before riding off, leaving Sayoko behind.

Kotoro has finally arrived where Amane has run off to just as she gets a lead on where Jin, and thus Hajime, is.

Hajime, meanwhile, is ripping up the cheque Jin's father gave him, just as Jin rushes over to him. Jin says he's ready to set sail, but Hajime says he can't, and that Jin can't be with him, because he's not human. Jin grins, saying he knows that Hajime's a Kamen Rider, and he won't tell anyone, so it's all okay, and that he needs Hajime.

Meanwhile, Kenzaki arrives where the Spider Undead is, transforming and starting to fight.

Shell Undead surfaces from underwater, shooting a projectile out at Hajime and hitting the boat. Jin realizes that the Undead was after Hajime all along, but worse yet, the boat is now on fire! He rushes over, pulling away as Hajime attempts to hold him back and tries to beat out the flames, yelling that he knows that his father is right, and he is afraid. But that's why he wants to go to sea, to test himself.

The Shell Undead launches at Hajime, and he transforms, fighting back.

Back to Kenzaki's fight, he's having no real effect on the Ace. Tachibana arrives, rushing in, saying that the Ace is his and shooting at both Kenzaki and the Undead.

Jin has put out the flames and is now watching the fight, and sees Hajime be struck by the Shell Undead and bleed green. Hajime defeats the Shell Undead soon after, sealing it, but when he returns to the boat, Jin refuses to look at him and yells at him to stay away. He now realizes what Hajime meant about not being human, blames him for the boat's destruction, and yells at him to leave. Hajime says nothing, but leaves, passing Jin's father on the way. He asks Jin if he's given up, but Jin says no and that he'll do it alone.

Hajime reflects that he can't run away any longer, and that he has to live for himself, and fight for his own reasons.

Amane and Kotaro arrive at the smoking remains of the boat not long after, but everyone is already gone.

The analysis of the plant is finally finished, and Sayoko attempts to call Tachibana. She leaves him a message, attempting to warn him about the effects it will have on him, but before she can finish, Isaka shoots a blast at her, shattering the window and knocking her from her chair to the floor.

Meanwhile, Tachibana is still fighting both Kenzaki and the Spider Undead, punching Kenzaki back every time he tries to reach out to him, actions growing increasingly more wild....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Spider Undead
Shell Undead

Major events:
Fighting over the Category Ace
Hajime leaves Jin
Isaka's warning to Sayoko

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