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Episode 11
The Place of Each
(各々の居場所 / Onōno no Ibasho)

Episode Summary

The ep opens to Kenzaki being pretty solidly trounced by Isaka. He looks up as Tachibana arrives, only to be knocked into by Tachibana's bike, and then again by Tachibana himself as he goes on the attack.

Isaka returns back to human appearance, saying that he's been waiting for this an and telling Tachibana to defeat Kenzaki, since he now has the power to do so.

Kenzaki's not putting up much of a fight, barely even defending himself. Even still Tachibana pulls out a combo, shooting Kenzaki down.

Cut to Jin performing to a small group while Hajime watches from a distance, wondering what he's doing there. He flashes back to moments with Amane and Haruka, but reminds himself that he can't go back.

Back to Tachibana beating the stuffing out of a barely resisting Kenzaki, Isaka monologues how first he'll eliminate the human-made Riders, and then all that will be left will be his ultimate Rider.

Kotaro attempts to break up the fight, asking why they're fighting if they're allies. Tachibana hesitates, giving Kenzaki time to get back to his feet before he shakes his head and yells that he's changed.

Back to Jin and Hajime. Jin asks Hajime to sing a duet with him in jest, getting a smile out of Hajime. Jin shows him how to use the guitar, but first Hajime notices someone watching them, and then, after telling Jin it's nothing, senses an Undead and runs off to fight, Jin chasing after.

Hirose joins in trying to shout Tachibana into stopping, but despite hesitating, he doesn't stop until Kotaro gets between him and Kenzaki and stares him down. Isaka's disappointed, and shots out a blast at Kotaro, and vanishes in the ensuing dust cloud, taking Tachibana with him.

Back to Hajime, the fight with Jaguar Undead is going swiftly, but Jaguar runs away when it looks like Hajime is about to win. Jin, who had followed after Hajime and watched the fight from cover, misses seeing Hajime undo his transformation, but still sees him standing where the Rider had just been. Yet he doesn't make the connection and Hajime doesn't explain.

Sayoko, meanwhile, is trying to find out more about the plant that she found in Tachibana's hair, sure that it's what caused the change in Tachibana, as she's never seen him like that before. As she wonders where Tachibana is, the scene cuts to show him huddled in Isaka's vat. Isaka's minion comments that the plant's effectiveness diminishes with time, but Isaka's not worried, saying Tachibana is already his.

Kenzaki has gone looking for Tachibana in the old BOARD location that Tachibana had hidden Karasuma in, and spots Sayoko.

Back to Isaka's lab, Tachibana is further under Isaka's power. Isaka tells him that the only reason he has for being a Rider is to fight, and the only reason to fight is to show his power, and that as he is now, he'll defeat Blade. Tachibana reacts strongly to that, going from just repeating Isaka to insisting that he'll be stronger than Kenzaki.

Back at Shirai farm, Sayoko shows Kenzaki what she found on Tachibana, and tells him she has someone analyzing it. She says it's a type of plant, one that's been extinct. Kotaro decides now would be a good time for interviews and starts to ask Sayoko how long she's known Tachibana. Hirose interrupts him before he can go farther and shuts him up.

Kenzaki says he doesn't know what's going on, but he's sure that Sayoko's right, that that plant is what caused the change in Tachibana. She says she'll let them know when the analysis is finished, what the results are. She explains that she relies so much on Tachibana, which is why she wants to help him, no matter what.

Hajime returns from his fight, only to become aware of not only Jaguar's continuing rampage, but the presence of the Spider Undead, that Jaguar seems afraid of and runs from. With no fight happening, his awareness of them vanishes. He does, however, notice that car that was watching before... and there's a strange man waiting at Jin's haunt. Hajime grabs him, twisting his arm and demands to know if he works for "that guy."

Jin tells him it's okay, and tells his father to come out. Turns out his father is a big time music producer and someone Jin thinks very little of. His father tells him to give it up, since he has no talent and he should come join him creating artists instead. He doesn't want to lose both his sons. Jin just gets more upset and pushes him to the door.

Sayoko is walking home, reflecting on what a good friend Kenzaki is to Tachibana, while Kenzaki at the same time reflects on Tachibana having someone who cares for him so deeply. The Searcher goes off and Kenzaki rushes out. Jaguar Undead is attacking people very close to where Sayoko is walking...

Isaka's Searcher alerts him to the conflict, and that Blade is heading for it, but before he can send Tachibana out, he becomes aware of the other Undead.. Category Ace.

Tachibana comes out from where he was lurking, asking Isaka if that's the one he's after. Isaka tells him to go after that Undead instead of Blade, and tosses him a card to use.

Jaguar Undead starts to go after Sayoko, but Kenzaki arrives just in time. He hauls her to a spot to hide before transforming and starting to fight.

Back at the Jacaranda, Amane's watching TV as it's covering street musicians, showing some of Jin's performing. Amane is about to click off when she spots Hajime in the background of the shot.

Jin shows Hajime the boat he's working on, inviting Hajime to come with him to sea. When Hajime asks if Jin's father is okay with it, Jin replies that his father just wants to make himself look good. He asks Hajime if his desire to destroy everything means he doesn't have a place he fits in, and that he's the same. He wants to smash the world that he doesn't fit in, and make a world just for them.

Tachibana arrives to where the Spider Undead is, transforming and rushing in.

Kenzaki figures out Jaguar Undead's weak spot and defeats and seals it. Sayoko watches, wondering if Tachibana's doing the same thing right now...

Hirose contacts Kenzaki, telling him about Tachibana's fight and Kenzaki rushes off.

While Tachibana fights, making little headway, Haruka finds a note from Amane saying that she's found Hajime and has gone to bring him back, Kenzaki speeds towards the fight, and Hajime helps Jin paint the boat.

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Jaguar Undead
Spider Undead
Shell Undead

Major events:
Tachibana under Isaka's orders, attacks Kenzaki
Sayoko meets Kenzaki, swaps notes
Tachibana sent after Spider Undead
Amane runs off to bring Hajime back

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