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Episode 10
Manipulated Warrior
(操られた戦士 / Ayatsurareta Senshi)

Episode Summary

Kenzaki returns to base, asking Hirose if the Searcher's picked up anything. Kotaro wonders if Tachibana went to his final battle. Kenzai gets mad at him, but Kotaro says it's all he can think that it could be.

Cut to Tachibana waking up outside in an unfamiliar location to Isaka's voice in his head. He pulls himself to his feet, yelling at Isaka, demanding to know what Isaka's done to him. Isaka says he's cured his fear, making him the Garren he used to be, then sends the Zebra Undead to attack for Tachibana to test it for himself.

Tachibana transforms, which makes the Searcher react and Kenzaki rushes out.

Tachibana's fight is going well, his compatibility ratio higher than it had been before and rising as he fights. He demands to know why Isaka cured him, what he has to gain from it. Isaka says he'll contact him later and to just enjoy the fight before leaving.

Zebra Undead clones itself and Tachibana defeats the copy, meaning the original got away.

Kenzaki arrives, and Tachibana asks him he if he saw an Undead run away, saying that he defeated the copy. Kenzaki asks if this means Tachibana's cured. Tachibana says he's not sure. He hands Kenzaki the data from his fight, asking him to have Hirose analyze it. Back at base, Kotaro asks Tachibana what happened after he fought that other Undead the previous day. Tachibana turns away, having a flashback to waking up in Isaka's tank, and doesn't answer the question, instead asking Hirose if she's found anything yet.

She discovers that the original glows when a copy is made. With this info, Tachibana turns to leave, saying that he'll use his own way to find the Undead. Kenzaki rushes after, thanking him, saying he doesn't like fighting alone, and with Tachibana with him, they'll be stronger than ever, so they should defeat the Undead together. Tachibana looks a bit uncomfortable, but agrees, then pulls away to head out.

Cut to Kenzaki's training sequence beating up a straw dummy labeled "Undead."

Hirose asks Kotaro if he thought Tachibana was acting weird. Kotaro wonders how someone so crippled by fear could change so quickly. Hirose says that since Tachibana's always been so serious, he must have found a way.

Back with Hajime, Jin is begging Hajime to be his bodyguard, and says he'll do anything Hajime asks.

Zebra Undead surfaces, setting off the Searcher. Hirose tells Tachibana, who tells her to let him do it, and to stop Kenzaki from going there.

Tachibana arrives first, chasing the Undead around on his bike before going after it on foot. Kotaro and Hirose watch via that camera on Tachibana's bike. Kenzaki arrives, and Tachibana yells at him to stay out of it, that it's his fight. Kenzaki jumps in, saying it doesn't matter who's fight it is, but Tachibana pulls him away, saying he has to know if his body's truly cured.

Kenzaki pulls back, but when the Zebra Undead splits, he goes to jump back in, stopping only when Tachibana shoots at him, yelling again for him to stay back. Tachibana shoots both Undead, spotting which one glows and aims his combo at that tone, defeating and sealing the Undead.

Kenzaki rushes over to congratulate Tachibana, and asks him how he defeated his fear. Tachibana turns away, again flashing back to waking in the tank. After an awkward pause, he says it just happened and that he didn't even think about it.

Cut to Jacaranda, Jin is having lunch while Amane gives him the stink eye, really not liking him. Jin says he wants to be a regular, much to Amane's displeasure. Jin gets the dish that he ate wrong, which only makes her more annoyed.

Jin rushes out to tell Hajime how Amane and Haruka are doing, and then asks Hajime about them. Hajime says that someone important to them was involved in his fight and died, and he couldn't understand that man's feelings, so that was why he came there. He notices Kotaro's arriving at the resturant and has Jin drive off, despite Kotaro chasing after the car.

Kotaro tells Amane he saw Hajime and that he was with someone. Amane assumes it was the guy with no taste. She asks how Hajime was, but Kotaro tells her to stay away from him. He attempts to tell her why, but instead has a flashback to Hajime and Amane being much like a father and child, and instead runs off.

Isaka, meanwhile, heads for Shirai Farm...

Tachibana visits Sayoko, telling her the good news, but despite his assurances that he feels stronger than ever and she doesn't need to worry any longer, she looks rather unsure. Tachibana asks if it makes her happy, and she shakes her head. He points out that she had been so worried, and asks her to please be happy. After a moment, she finally smiles, saying that he's right. As they go to head out, she spots something strange in his hair and pulls out some dried seaweed, which Tachibana says is nothing.

Back at Kotaro's place the freeloaders are hauling Kotaro's empty milk bottles to the curb when Isaka arrives. Kenzaki rushes to get in front of Hirose. Isaka says he only came to talk, and Kenzaki says there's nothing to talk about. He explains to Hirosei who Isaka is and that he wants to create a new Rider. Isaka asks what the big deal is, doesn't Kenzaki want to become stronger? Kenzaki asks what he means by that. Isaka tells him that if he takes his treatment, he'll get stronger, and that Tachibana is living proof.

Kenzaki demands to know what Isaka did to Tachibana, but Isaka says Tachibana's happy, so it doesn't matter. Kenzaki rushes at him, and demands Isaka show his true form. Isaka sighs, and says he'll have to beat Kenzaki up some before he'll listen. Both transform and begin to fight.

Isaka mentally reaches out to Tachibana, telling him to come to where he is. Tachibana demands to know what he means. Isaka reminds him that his body won't hold up long without "that liquid" and to hurry up because he has a job for him. Tachibana stops the bike, telling Sayoko to get off and rides away, leaving her behind.

She returns to her office, dejected, and pulls out the bit of seaweed she had found.

Meanwhile, Kenzaki's not doing so well in his fight...

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Zebra Undead

Major events:
Tachibana returns, "cured" of fear
Hajime agrees to be Jin's bodyguard
Isaka pays Kezaki a visit, begins manipulating Tachibana

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