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Episode 9
The Fate of Those Who Fight
(戦う者の運命 / Tatakau Mono no Unmei)

Episode Summary

The episode opens with a recap of Hajime and Kenzaki's fight, and Tachibana and Sayoko's date.

Hajime and Kenzaki get on their bikes, powering them up with cards before starting a game of super powered chicken, their bikes colliding in mid air, flinging them both back.

Hirose interrupts telling Kenzaki about the Zebra Undead, Kenzaki returns that he's already fighting an Undead, telling her (and the listening in Kotaro) that Hajime's an Undead and the black Rider. Hirose tells him saving people is more important and get a move on. Kenzaki goes to break off the fight. Hajime shoots him one last time before driving away.

Meanwhile, Sayoko is still trying to get Tachibana to safety, but he keeps pulling away, watching a young girl frantically trying to wake her mother who was attacked. The image of destruction in Tachibana's mind plays against the scene even as the Zebra Undead approaches, the conflict between duty and fear clear in Tachibana's face. Finally he pushes Sayoko back and transforms, rushing forward to attack.

Isaka and his flunky are watching from the roof, giving running commentary as Tachibana's sync rate tanks. Thankfully, Kenzaki arrives, rushing over to Tachibana's side before Tachibana tells him to forget him and fight. He manages to pull himself back to his feet, but quickly gets knocked out of his transform. Kenzaki jumps in to protect him, but the Zebra Undead runs away.

Tachibana collapses, Kenzaki rushing over to his side. Sayoko come out from where she was hidding and Tachibana looks away, unable to face her.

Later, as the sun is coming up, the talk. Sayoko saying she'd heard of Kamen Riders, but never had guessed that Tachibana was one. Tachibana explains that it started when he was a researcher at BOARD. Suddenly, Undead appeared and aa Rider was needed. He was chosen as the most qualified person. But he says he's a failure, because the fear in his heart means he can't fight. Sayoko apologies, saying that she hadn't understood and that she hadn't supported him. He counters, saying that she helped him just by being there and that the only times he can forget about fighting is when she's there.

Sayoko says that she has an idea, she'll quit being a doctor, Tachibana will quit being a Rider, and they'll both run away together. But her phone goes off, and Tachibana tells her to answer it, since it's from the hospital. She can't quit being a doctor, she has patients waiting for her. He assures her that he's fine and that he'll deal with it himself before walking away, passing Hajime on the way.

Meanwhile, a kid with a guitar is being chased by thugs and tries to hide behind Hajime, asking him to save him. Hajime says he's not involved. But the thug tries to push him aside, and Hajime pushes him down, saying not to touch him. The thugs jump him, but Hajime easily trashes them.

Meanwhile, Isaka's found Zebra Undead, who attacks him, knocking off his sunglasses. Isaka gets pissed and knocks the Undead down before mind controlling it.

Back at the house, Kotaro yells at Kenzaki for not telling him sooner that Hajime was an Undead. Kenzaki yells back saying he wasn't sure and thought he was a Rider. Kotaro stalks out. Hirose yells at Kenzaki for keeping secrets, and he retorts that she didn't tell them about her father unsealing the Undead. He regrets is quickly when her face falls, but she insists its fine and she's focusing on sealing the Undead now. Kenzaki goes after Kotaro to apologize.

Amane tells Kotaro about the bomb and that she was mad at Hajime and that's why he left. Kotaro's still mad and doesn't want Amane to blame herself. Amane starts crying and Haruka comforts her, saying Hajime will definitely come back.

Kenzaki gets to the restaurant as Kotaro's leaving. He tells Kenzaki about how Amane feels and he reasons that since Hajime saved Amane twice, Hajime might not be that bad of a guy, at least to Amane and Haruka.

Kenzaki says he can't tell what Hajime's thinking, just that he could feel it when they were fighting, that Hajime was some sort of fighting machine and that he seemed to enjoy fighting. Kotaro wonders if that's gotten Kenzaki and Tachibana to fight more aggressively and how that worries him. Kenzaki tells him not to worry, that he's only going to fight to protect people.

Meanwhile, Hajime's followed the guitar kid, Jin, back to where he's staying. The kid asks Hajime to be his bodyguard, wanting to call him "Aniki" because Hajime reminds him of his older brother who died. Hajime asks him what it's like to lose a family member.

Meanwhile, Tachibana's gone to one of BOARD's old locations where he first worked, having flashbacks of his journey to becoming Garren. But Isaka interrupts his nostalgia, saying he can fix Tachibana's body. Tachibana says he's full of it and that he knows Isaka is a high level Undead. Isaka counters that's why he can fix him. Tachibana tells him to shut up and fight and rushes him. Isaka takes his time before transforming to his Undead form, psyching Tachibana out even more.

The transform alerts Hirose to what's going on and Kenzaki rushes out, saying he's going to save Tachibana.

Tachibana's fighting poorly, not even able to land a blow on Isaka. He reflects that this is likely his last battle, but that he doesn't regret anything, not meeting Sayoko or becoming Garren. Thinking of Sayoko energises him slightly, and he rushes at Isaka full force.

Back with Hajime and Jin, Hajime is brooding and Jin says he can't tell what Hajime's thinking. Hajime replies that sometimes he just wants to destroy everything.

Kenzaki arrives at BOARD's old location, but there's no sign of Tachibana or Isaka. Kenzaki runs around, yelling for Tachibana...

... who's unconscious and floating in a green tank back at Isaka's lab. Isaka says that with this, Garren will change and be reborn....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:Jin

Undead Apperances:
Peacock Undead
Zebra Undead

Major events:
Sayoko finds out about Tachibana being Garren
Hajime saves Jin, starts hanging around him
Tachibana is defeated and spirited away by Isaka.

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