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Episode 8
Revived People
(甦った者たち / Yomigaetta Monotachi)

Episode Summary

Opens with a recap of Garren's sync failing.

As Tachibana screams, Karasuma finds the electric closet for the compound and trashes it, making a break for it as Isaka's flunkies notice him. As the lights die, the combatants freeze, and Kenzaki takes the opening to push Chalice aside and knock back the Undead advancing on Tachibana.

Up in the observation lab, Isaka is alerted to Karasuma's presence and tells his mooks to grab him.

Kenzaki combos it up and makes short work of the Trilobite Undead, sealing it. He turns and yells at Chalice, and the pair look to be about to continue their fight when Hajime pauses, remembering the bomb, and runs off.

Isaka tells his flunkies that they're done with that building and to pack it up as Karasuma is brought to him.

Kenzaki rushes over to check on Tachibana, who pushes him away, telling him to go after Karasuma, whom they can see fighting Isaka's flunkies.

Isaka says that anyone left can be killed, and switches on the self destruct, starting the countdown on various bombs in the complex, as well as the one at the Jacaranda, that Hajime is racing towards.

Kenzaki makes it to the observation room, coming to Karasuma's rescue. Isaka decides it's not worth it, and leaves. Karasuma warms Kenzaki that there's a bomb, and the rush back down to evacuate Tachibana, who's barely able to move.

Kenzaki makes it to the Jacaranda with seconds left to spare, grabbing the bag and flinging it outside just before it goes off. When asked what's going on, Hajime doesn't answer, and just starts cleaning up all the broken glass.

As Kenzaki and Karasuma look back at the flames of Isaka's lab, Kenzaki asks who those people were. Karasuma says they were trying to create a new Rider System, which is why they were trying to kidnap him.

Amane continues to try and question Hajime about the bomb, but gets no answers. She yells at Hajime and runs off to her room.

Kenzaki and Karasuma get Tachibana back to Kotaro's place, carrying him up to Kenzaki's room to tend to him. He pushes them away, asking Karasuma what's causing his body to fail. Karasuma repeats that it's the subconscious fear within him, decreasing his compatibility with the Ace and causing the images of destruction plaguing him. If he gets rid of that fear, he'll recover. Tachibana asks him how, but Karasuma doesn't have an answer for him, saying he has to find a method himself.

Tachibana doesn't take it well, saying that he's a coward, and he'll die a coward. Kenzaki tries to comfort him, but Tachibana pushes him away, yelling that he doesn't know anything, and curls up.

Giving him some space, the rest of the group relocates downstairs, Karasuma giving them some backstory. He says it all started with BOARD's research on the origins of humanity and evolution; the battle royal of humanity and 53 Undead that the Human Undead won. Humanity's answers won, so humans rule the world. The Undead were sealed in cards, but continued to live on inside them. Thinking that those cards held the secret to eternal life, they began researching. Hirose continues for him, that her father unsealed the undead, asking Karasuma to confirm it. He returns that it wasn't just her father's fault, but a group decision, and Karasuma didn't stop them. Hirose still is too upset and runs upstairs.

Kenzaki reflects that the released Undead are resuming the Battle Royal. Kotaro adds that that was why the Rider System was made, to contain them.

Tachibana has made it back down the stairs, and tells them that he's going home. Kenzaki grabs at him, saying that he can't leave, because the Undead!! Tachibana pulls away, saying he's deceased with cowardice and can't fight any more. Karasuma takes responsibility for Tachibana's condition, but says he's sure Tachibana will overcome his fear and fight again. Tachibana doesn't believe him, having a silent moment as he leaves.

Kotaro asks Karasuma after the new group making a new Rider, and points out that earlier Kenzaki was around 3 Undead. Karasuma confirms that Isaka is an Undead. Which means the other.... Kenzaki puts two and two together as Karsuma talks about the trump of the Battle Royal, like the joker of a deck of cards...

Kenzaki, not really hearing, says he's going on and goes to find Hajime, yelling that he'll never forgive him for hiding behind a human face.

Karasuma talks to Hirose through her door, trying to assure her that she shouldn't blame her father, btu focus on the present. He then goes to leave, saying he's going to crush the organization trying to make a new Rider, and will contact them when he finds anything out.

Meanwhile, Hajime has left, leaving behind a note saying he doesn't want to cause Amane and Haruka trouble. He and Kenzaki pass each other on the road and stop. Belts come out, transforms happen and the fight starts.

Meanwhile, Sayoko meets up with Tachibana, who's called her out for a date. She asks if something happened, and Tachibana says he just wants to try living like a normal person.

Meanwhile Hajime and Kenzaki's fight continues. Kenzaki demands to know who Hajime is, Hajime says nothing matters but the fact that he wants to fight.

Sayoko and Tachibana's date continues, Tachibana monologing that he won't fight any more, just as Zebra Undead shows up at the mall they're at. He's brought his belt with him and grabs for it, but just holds it, staring at his reflection in the mirror, even as Sayoko tries to drag him away.

The episode ends on Hajime and Kenzaki still fighting.

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: None

Undead Apperances:
Trilobite Undead
Peacock Undead
Zebra Undead

Major events:
Kenzaki and Karasuma escape from Isaka
Karasuma explains about the Battle Fight
Kenzaki realizes Hajime is Undead
Hajime leaves Jacaranda

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