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Episode 7
Captive Number Two
(囚われた2号 / Torawareta Nigō)

Episode Summary

The episode picks up with a brief recap of Kenzaki being captured before cutting to Isaka vs Tachibana. Tachibana gets knocked out of his transform and manages to hitch a ride on a passing street cleaner before Isaka can apprehend him.

Isaka finally notices Hajime has been watching, but when Hajime goes to transform, tells him he doesn't want any trouble and offers an alliance, wanting Hajime to work with him. Isaka wants to pick off the weak first. Hajime wants none of it and transforms. Isaka warns him to be careful that the human made Riders don't seal him, then offers Hajime a look at the "lab rat" he's acquired.

Cut to Kenzaki being strapped into an MRI by Isaka's flunkies.

Meanwhile, it's morning as Tachibana finally falls from the street cleaner, instantly having a flashback to the image of destruction and freaking out.

Back with Hirose and Kotaro, who haven't had any luck finding Kenzaki or reaching Karasuma. But they do get a call from Tachibana, asking if they know about Karasuma. They tell him Kenzaki was captured.

Back at the lab, Isaka arrives with Hajime. Kenzaki makes a break for an escape, but Isaka knocks him out. Hajime decides this is a waste of his time, and goe to leave. Only Isaka shows him that he has a bomb planted at the Jacaranda. When Hajime gets angry, Isaka asks him why he's so serious, saying he's acting like he has human emotions, which isn't like him. Hajime tells him he knows nothing and Isaka agrees, saying humans are just tools to use mind control on, saying that Hajime's fallen. Hajime returns that the dirty tactics Isaka is using aren't like him either. Isaka agrees, saying the bomb thing was someone else's idea. "It's impressive. Humans really do know how to take advantage of each other. That includes you, as you're becoming more human..."

Back outside, Tachibana, Hirose and Kotaro swap info. Hirose asks Tachibana to help them rescue Kenzaki. Tachibana says finding Karasuma is his top priority, prompting Kotaro to ask if he's still plagued by the image of destruction (Kenzaki told him...) Tachibana excuses himself, only for Hirose to yell after him that he's scared, and that's why he always runs. Tachibana denies it, despite very clearly knowing it's true. Kotaro tells him to stop acting tough, and gives a motivational speech about how everyone has something they're afraid of, and that people who don't know fear can't live their lives to the fullest. Tachibana thinks it's a load of crap and walks off, saying he doesn't have the time for this. Yet he doesn't get far before he mulls over Kotaro's words. He loops back, saying that it's likely the organization that kidnapped Kenzaki's behind Karasuma's situation. But it totally had nothing to do with Kotaro's speech. he tells Hirose to hunt for any faint Undead signal, and Kotaro to pray.

Back at Isaka's, Kenzaki is dumped in an empty garage with an Undead. Isaka tells him there's no exit, and he wants to see Kenzaki fight that Undead. As the Undead helpful cuts the straight jacket off him, Kenzaki transforms. Isaka's flunkies monitor the fight, commenting on the fusion levels. However, it's not until Kenzaki spots Hajime looking down at him from Isaka's observation room that the compatibility ratio starts shooting up. Isaka doesn't get it, but Hajime explains that it's the power of his anger, powering up his suit. As the compatibility ratio goes up and up, Hajime starts freaking out, giving a yell and transforming before jumping down into garage to start fighting Kenzaki.

Isaka has his flunkies monitor Hajime as well, wanting the Riders to destroy each other so that all there is is the ultimate being that he's creating.

Meanwhile, Hirose's gotten signal and calls Tachibana, who heads off. Only Hirose notices that there are 3 Undead around Kenzaki....

Tachibana gives himself a pep talk, then transforms, heading in. When Isaka's told Garren is approaching, he's pleased. A text from Karasuma reaches Hirose's phone, telling her that Garren is approaching and to stop him. But Tachibana isn't picking up his phone and blast forward, regardless.

Isaka's flunkies comment that Chalice's compatibility is also rising, Isaka commenting that thanks to Blade's pull, Chalice's suit is also powering up. He grins, saying that after 10,000 years, the Battle Fight is finally back!

Tachibana makes a dramatic entrance through the wall of the garage, only to be knocked into and off his motorcycle by the Undead. He dives into the fight, telling himself that he has no fear. Up in the observation room, Isaka asks how Garren's numbers are. Noticeably lower than Kenzaki's were to start with, Tachibana's compatibility numbers begin to drop as he fights. As they fall, Tachibana does worse and worse in the fight. Isaka comments on this being the flaw of the human made Rider system. "If a frail human develops fear, the compatibility with the Ace Undead distorts, causing him to weaken."

Tachibana continues to fight, but winds up knocked back, his transformation broken and belt knocked away. As the Undead approaches, he panics and screams....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced: None

Undead Apperances:
Trilobite Undead
Peacock Undead

Major events:
Searching for Kenzaki
Tachibana to the Rescue

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