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Episode 6
Chalice's True Identity
(カリスの正体 / Karisu no Shōtai)

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Kenzaki continues fighting Tachibana, who isn’t faring very well. He gets knocked back, prompting another flash to the image of destruction that haunts him. He attempts to pull himself together, but collapses. Kenzaki moves to help him up, only for Tachibana to shoot him at close range and knock him back.

Meanwhile, Hajime is still trying to find the antidote in the Centipede Undead. Finally spotting it, he slices off part of the Undead with his bow before swiftly defeating and sealing it. Grabbing the part, he rides away.

With the Undead defeated and Chalice gone, Kenzaki stops fighting Tachibana and breaks his transform, prompting Tachibana to do the same, and nearly collapse. Kenzaki rushes over to help him, only to be pushed away, Tachibana yelling at him that he doesn't want Kenzaki's pity and that Kenzaki is his enemy for stopping him from sealing the Undead. Kenzaki tries to explain, but Tachibana doesn't want to hear it and stumbles off.

Kenzaki rushes back to the hospital where Kotaro tells him that the doctors are making the antidote, and asks him if he delivered it. Kenzaki says no, that it was the Rider who saved Amane, and looks over at Hajime, who's hovering outside the ICU.

The doctor steps out, saying the antidote was successful, and the group hurries in to see Amane, looking perfectly fine in her hospital bed. On getting a smile from Amane, Hajime returns it and heads out. Kenzaki chases after, asking Hajime if he's that Rider from before. Hajime answers that he has no idea what Kenzaki's talking about. Kenzaki wants to know why Hajime's hiding being a Rider, then threatens to tell Amane. Hajime says he'll beat Kenzaki to death if he does that. "I hate people who talk too much. Everyone has something to hide. Don't forget that." and he walks off.

Kotaro is happy Amane is saved, but is confused about that other Rider. Meanwhile, they drive past a limo, whose occupant identifies Kenzaki as Blade.

Haruka leaves Hajime to look over Amane while she talks to the doctor. Amane tells Hajime that her dad appeared to her in a dream, encouraging her, and tells Hajime how she wishes her father had gotten to meet Hajime. Hajime flashes back to the brief moment he did meet Amane’s father, then wonders why it is that he feels calmer around Amane.

Kenzaki and Kotaro return home to find a note from Hirose, apologizing for lying and telling them about how she suspects her father was the one who unsealed the Undead and feels guilty about everything that's happened because of her father's actions, and thus, can’t stay there any longer. Kenzaki and Kotaro instantly rush out to find her.

Meanwhile, Tachibana's having nightmares to all his failures in battle and the image of destruction. He yells loud enough that Sayoko comes running. She tries to console him, saying that there's nothing wrong with him medically, but he yells at her, only to apologize moments later. He goes to leave, but she stops him, saying he should stay and get some rest since her office is the most comforting place for him. She has work to do at home anyway, and leaves, giving him a smile.

When she gets in her car, however, Karasuma knocks on her window, asking her to give Tachibana a message. He says there's no flaw in the Rider System, but any fear a Rider has will be amplified, and start to take its toll on the body. Tachibana needs to overcome his fear to overcome his illness. Before he can say more, a military truck approaches, and he runs off, being chased by it.

Sayoko tells Tachibana the message, and tries to encourage him. She then asks him about his job while Isaka hovers outside the window. Tachibana doesn't want to talk about work, and doesn't want to worry Sayoko about it. Sayoko tells him that Karasuma was being chased.

Hajime is aware of Isaka's presence, and telepathically demands to know who and where he is. Isaka brushes him off, saying he doesn't have time to talk to people who hang with humans, then sends Hajime a migraine.

Kenzaki and Kotaro find Hirose at the docks. She says she can't go back, and then tells them she thinks she saw Karasuma. Kenzaki asks her if she's just going to run and tells her to turn the pain into motivation, like he does. He tells her about his parents, and his guilt over it, and how he uses it to keep moving. "You can save people too, Hirose. We can save people together."

Her phone rings, with a text from Karasuma, warning of them of danger. The trucks that were chasing him arrive, cornering the trio, who try and fight off the military types from emerge from it. Kenzaki tells Hirose and Kotaro to run, and gets knocked out and captured. One of the military mooks reports the situation to Isaka, who says he's about to capture Garren.

Tachibana is trying to come to terms with Karasuma words, when Isaka's limo nearly runs him down. Tachibana demands to know who Isaka is, but Isaka just levitates and kicks Tachibana in the head before throwing fireballs at him. Tachibana transforms and attacks while Hajime lurks and watches.

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Centipede Undead
Peacock Undead

Major events:
Amane cured
Hirose leaves
Karasuma's message to Tachibana
Kenzaki captured

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