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Episode 5
Defiance to the Past
(過去への挑戦 / Kako e no Chōsen)

Episode Summary

Kenzaki and Hajime do battle in a river briefly before Hajime tells him that there's no way Kenzaki can defeat him, and the fact that humans even exist is strange.

Kotaro's car barely makes it to where Kenzaki is, Kotaro yelling to him that something happened to Karasuma. Hajime takes this interruption as his cue to leave.

Back in BOARD's former basement, Hirose is in shock, looking at the smoldering mess of wires where Karasuma used to be, having flashbacks of his father. Tachibana returns and asks what happened. Hirose says Karasuma just vanished before her eyes. Tachibana examines the mess and says it's a trick, holding out some magnesium he found. He says the Karasuma she saw was just a hologram, and when she arrived, he was already gone. When Hirose asks how he was able to pull off such a trick, Tachibana says he'd do anything to avoid being blamed for the seal being broken, and that he's corrupt to the core. Hirose goes to protests that the person who unsealed the Undead was someone else, but Tachibana interrupts, saying she can believe in Karasuma all she wants, but he's going to find him, repeating that it's because of the Rider System that he's body is near it's end.

Kenzaki and Kotaro are just arriving as Tachibana is stalking away, and Kenzaki grabs him, asking what he did to Karasuma. Tachibana pushes him off saying he's in a bad mood. Kenzaki goes to continue after him, but Kotaro holds him back, saying they should see Hirose first.

When they reach her, Kenzaki says Kotaro filled him in, but then asks why she didn't tell them when she found out where Karasuma was. She says she wanted to check stuff out first before telling him, but avoids looking at Kenzaki when she says it.

Meanwhile, in a cave, and Undead is lurking...

Back in his room, Hajime is bleeding. He only then seems to realize that Kenzaki cut him in their fight. He overhears Amane asking Haruka if she's heard of the Whistling Cave, where it's said you can hear the voices of the dead. She wants to go and hear her father's voice. Haruka says it's just a myth and not to be fooled. Amane doesn't like that answer and runs off, just as Hajime comes upstairs. He offers to go after her.

Amane has gone to ask Kotaro to take her, but since her mother said no already, he says he really can't... Amane declares that she'll just go by herself, then, even if Kotaro tries to stop her. He relents, but tells her that the myth is likely a made up story, since there's no way you can hear the voice of the dead. Amane insists that she believes it anyway. Kotaro has her promise that if they go, she won't bring it up any longer and will stop upsetting her mom. Kenzaki adds that he wants to go too, saying he wants to hear his parents voices again too.

With a new car, Kotaro's ready to go, but Hajime arrives, telling Amane her mother's worried and to come home. Amane says no, she's going to the cave, and moves to hide behind Kenzaki. Kotaro explains that he already told Haruka about it, and he'll take her home after. Kenzaki invites Hajime to come too, but Hajime says he doesn't like being with other people. Kenzaki takes it poorly and they ride off, Amane calling back for Hajime not to worry.

But as Hajime rides away, he feels the strong presence of an Undead, and hears a voice, calling him Chalice, asking when he got so pathetic that he’s still pretending to be human.

At the cave, the Undead that was lurking before is attacking people.

Amane asks Kenzaki what he would want to tell his parents if he could talk to them again. Kenzaki says he'd want to apologize for not being able to save them, explaining that they died in a fire when he was 11. That was when he decided he wanted to save everyone with his own hands.

Back at Sayoko's, Tachibana is napping, only to wake when she returns. He apologizes for just showing up when she was out, but she says it's fine, and that she told him he could stop by anytime. She checks the fax machine, and when Tachibana asks what she’s frowning at, tells him about the string of patients all with the same affliction, a strange fever they come down with in the Whispering Cave. All the victims kept muttering about a monster in the cave...

Meanwhile, Kotaro and company have arrived at the cave, only to see it's been blocked off with a warning sign of danger. Kotaro says they should turn back, but Amane says she's going and that she's not scared because she has a Kamen Rider at her side. She grins up at Kenzaki, who turns to Kotaro with a scowl. As Kotoro tries to deflect, Amane slips through the fence and yells at them to hurry up, running towards the cave.

The group enters the cave, flashlights moving through the fog. Kotaro says it’s creepy and maybe they should go back, but Kenzaki says he's a coward and that's why Amane doesn't respect him. Amane hears something and says it's her father's voice and runs deeper into the cave. Kenzaki goes to run after, but stops when he hears her scream.

When Kotaro and Kenzaki rush in, they see the Centipede Undead. Kenzaki starts fighting it, telling Kotaro to use him as a distraction to get to Amane and get her out. When Kotaro reaches her, he sees her face is covered in pale green slime...

The Undead runs off, and Kenzaki rushes after Kotaro. Amane isn't waking up and has a very high fever. They hurry off to the hospital where is Amane rushed to the ICU. Haruka and Hajime arrive swiftly after, Haruka demanding to know what happened before going into the observing room.

Kotaro blames himself, and Kenzaki counters that he's also to blame for not stopping her, and wishes he had realized there was an Undead there sooner.

Hajime perks up at the name "Undead" and Kotaro explains that a monster spat venom in Amane's face. Hajime looks slightly shocked, then says an antibody is needed and rushes off.

Kenzaki chases after, demanding answers. Hajime explains that the Undead's venom can only be treated with antibodies from that Undead. Kenzaki demands to know how Hajime knows this, but Hajime says there isn't time and smacks him away.

Kotaro has followed, laptop open. The Undead has appeared again, and Garren is fighting it. Hajime explains that if Garren defeats it, there's no chance to get the antibody and rides off.

Meanwhile, Tachibana is doing poorly, pushing himself to fight, thinking that if he seals the Undead, he'll get more power and someday overcome his problem...

He's about to shoot the Undead at point blank range when Chalice rushes in, knocking him back. When Tachibana demands to know who he is, Hajime orders him not to interfere. Tachibana declares that bullshit and that the Undead was HIS and attempts to get in the way, only to be kicked back.

Kenzaki arrives, rushing to Tachibana's side. Hajime tells Kenzaki to hold Tachibana back until he gets the antibody and Tachibana demands that Kenzaki tell him who Chalice is.

Hajime attempts to analyze the Undead to find the antibody, while Kenzaki watches, realizing that Chalice has to be Hajime...

Tachibana sees Chalice's attempts as a sorry excuse for fighting and again tries to break in, but Kenzaki stops him, saying he can't seal that Undead. Tachibana yells at him and pushes him away, but Kenzaki insists that if he seals that Undead, they're all screwed and transforms to keep Tachibana back, the two fighting while Hajime continues to try and find the antibody....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:
Isaka (Cameo)
Undead Apperances:
Centipede Undead
Peacock Undead (incognito)
Major events:
Amane and the Whispering Cave

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