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Episode 4
The Mystery of Immortality
(永遠の命の謎 / Eien no Inochi no Nazo)

Episode Summary

Kenzaki has relayed what Tachibana told him, to Hirose, who doesn’t at all believe it. Kenzaki points out that Karasuma said it was his fault, and asks Hirose if she can think of anyone else from the Chief's lab that he worked with. She says no, and that she's sure Tachibana's lying. Kenzaki says he's never seen Tachibana like that before and worries that if it’s true, someday, his own body will be that way.

Hirose accuses him of believing Tachibana because he doesn't want to fight, and that he's afraid. Kenzaki yells at her, and she declares that she'll look for Karasuma on her own because she believes in him and stalks out.

Kotaro goes to follow after, but Kenzaki stops him, saying nothing will reach her. He laments that Hirose doesn't understand what he's going though, but Kotaro says that it's the other way around and that's why she's lashing out.

Hirose, meanwhile, doesn't want to believe that Karasuma could have done something like release the Undead, and remembers first meeting him when she came to work for BOARD, picking up where her father's work left off.

In the flashback, Karasuma says he founded the Humanity Foundation Lab to find a solution to humanity's problems, saying that the secret to eternal life could be found in humanity's battles with other species. Her flashbacks move on to Kenzaki's earlier words, prompting her to recall something, and pull a photo from her bag.

Meanwhile, Kotaro gets a call from Amane, telling him about the melted photos, and he and Kenzaki go to investigate. Amane tells them about the silvery powder and Haruka wonders why all these things keep happening.

Hajime says that he'll do something about it, getting everyone to look at him. Kenzaki asks if Hajime knows what's going on, and when Hajime says no, tells him not to make useless promises. Hajime counters that it's better than doing nothing, and Kotaro interrupts before a fight can break out and Hajime leaves. Amane comments that since it happened in Hajime's room, he feels responsible, and that she likes him better than Kotaro and Kenzaki.

Hajime tries to pick up the trace of the Moth Undead, and rides off to fight it.

Meanwhile, Hirose has found the building in the photo of her and her father, which she assumes is BOARD's secret lab. Tachibana appearing a bit behind her seems to confirm this, as does Karasuma's ID on the ground just outside the door. Tachibana approaches, confirming that Karasuma there, and leads her to where he is. When she rushes over, he yells at her not to touch him, as the life support machines Karasuma is hooked to are keeping him alive. Hirose asks what Tachibana did to him, and Tachibana returns that he didn't do it and gives her his account of what happened the night BOARD was destroyed, saying that he thought he had destroyed all of the locusts, but some survived and attacked. Since Karasuma wanted to fight the Undead, Tachibana "did what he had to" and brought Karasuma there and protected him, since his situation would get worse if Karasuma died.

Hirose asks him if it's true, about his health, but when he doesn't answer, changes her mind and insists he tell her who unsealed the Undead. Tachibana says again it was Karasuma and his fellow researchers, and says he's trying to wake Karasuma up to find out more. He then remembers that Hirose's father worked for BOARD...

Hirose counters that her father would never do something like that, but remembers her father promising her mother that he wouldn't let her die....

Tachibana asks what's wrong, and begs her to tell him anything she knows. She insists she doesn't know anything, and Tachibana deflates. He says that he once had a dream, like Kenzaki does, and naively believed he was fighting for mankind, but now, his body...

He trails off before telling Hirose she can come see Karasuma anytime. He tosses her the keys and tells her to lock up after, and leaves.

She heads dejectedly back to Kotaro's, and Kenzaki and Kotaro wonder if something happened with how she's acting.

She wonders if her father, in his desperation to cure her mother's illness, undid the seal to find the secret of immortality...

Tachibana returns to Sayoko's office, where she's finishing up the puzzle of the photo of her and Tachibana's graduation. Only a piece is missing... as she goes to look for it, Tachibana says that he was worried that if she finished the puzzle, everything would be over, so he swallowed it. He then appologizes and asks if he can sleep there again, settling in and nodding off before she answers.

She says he worries too much, but that she won't finish the puzzle, instead breaking it up to start again.

Kenzaki's off being emo on the tractor, and as Kotaro joins him, wonders aloud about if what Tachibana said is true, and if he'll fall apart as well. Tragic hero to the end! Kotaro tells him to stop being stupid, and Kenzaki realizes that Kotaro's worried about him, which makes him happy. He says that he's awkward, so he doesn't really have friends, but that Kotaro was worried about him...

Kotoro says that Kenzaki's an important friend to him and Kenzaki grins like a kid, grabbing Kotaro's hand and squeezing it.

Meanwhile, Hajime's been searching all night for the Undead and finally finds it, transforming and attacking, which sets off the Searcher. As Kenzaki starts to rush out, Hirose yells at him not to go, that it's not his fault that the seal was broken and he needs to take care of himself. Kenzaki realizes that she too, worries about him, and thanks her for being his 2nd friend before rushing off.

Hajime's fighting much like a wild animal as Kenzaki arrives on the scene, transforming and rushing in. Hajime backs off, watching and looking for the Undead's weak spot. He rushes in the second he finds it, quickly defeating and sealing it. Kenzaki realizes that Hajime was just using him and demands an explanation. When Hajime attacks him, he recalls that Hajime said everyone was his enemy, and declares that he’ll be his enemy as well. Hajime wonders if a human would have the strength to defeat him before attacking.

Meanwhile, Hirose has brought Kotaro to where Karasuma is, saying they need to get him out before Tachibana gets back. As they approach, however, Karasuma suddenly catches fire....

Episode Available from:
Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Moth Undead

Major events:
Hirose finds BOARD's "secret" lab
Tachibana tells Hirose his side of things
Hajime hunts the Moth Undead
Karasuma catches fire

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