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Episode 3
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Their Secret…
(彼らの秘密… / Karera no Himitsu…)
Episode Summary

Kenzaki is flipping out, demanding to know where Karasuma is, even as Hirose is still trying to get more out of the strange connection she's managed to create. There's a password blocking her progress, however, and as she continues to try different ones, the projection of Karasuma flickers and vanishes.

Meanwhile, where Karasuma's physical form is, Tachibana is having similar problems, yelling that he can't access anything. He asks the unconscious Karasuma if this is a trick, if he's really awake, and yells that there's something he needs to ask him before he breaks down into a fit of coughing, the mental image of himself turning green and being destroyed gripping him before he stalks off.

Karasuma, meanwhile, is awake, and hoping that Hirose has made contact, as there are things he wants to tell her...

Kotaro suggests Hirose try his computer, since he has a lot of BOARD data on it.

At the Jacaranda, Amane is cranky that the paper didn't cover the attack at the observatory. Hajime replies that humans don't acknowledge things that they don't understand. Amane says that Hajime's talking like he's not human. Hajime grins, then approaches saying that's because he's a monster, and makes a "Rar!" face at her. Her eyes go wide for a moment, making him pause, before she laughs and says she's not scared at all. And even if Hajime WAS a monster, it'd be totally fine.

After sending Amane off to do her homework, Haruka comments to Hajime how he really did save Amane. Since Amane was such a daddy's girl, Haruka couldn't tell her about her dad’s death. Hajime stills, prompting Haruka to ask him what's wrong. He waves it away and excuses himself to his room, where Amane's waiting. She asks him to become a great cameraman just like her dad. She says the moment she saw him, she knew he was just like her dad. Her face falls as she wonders why her father died, prompting Hajime into a flashback to Amane's father reaching out to him in the snow, giving him a photograph of his family.

Hajime's flashback is interrupted by awareness of another Undead, and he yells at it not to call for him, trying to block out the awareness.

Tachibana has gone to see a doctor, a former classmate and close friend, Sayoko. She tells him all the tests she ran show that there's nothing wrong with him, but he says that there's something happening inside him. She asks if there were any experiments he took part in when he worked for the Humanity Foundation History's lab. He says there were lots of experiments, things he thought were for the benefit of humanity, but in the end, everything was just a front and he was just being used. But when Sayoko asks after it, he just goes to sleep. Sayoko pouts a little, but then admits she can't stay mad at him, and that him saying that that was the only place he felt safe sleeping made her happy.

Meanwhile, Hirose has been working at trying to find the password to connect properly to Karasuma. Kotaro calls for them to pause, bringing out steaks. Despite Kenzaki's excitement, Hirose pushes him away, saying she almost has it...

As Tachibana leaves Sayoko's office, the Searcher goes off, alerting him to an Undead.

Hirose has figured the password! Double Joker. And the hologram of Karasuma springs back into existence...

Meanwhile, the Deer Undead is electrocuting people at the dam as Tachibana rushes into attack, feeling that if he doesn't keep fighting, his body may never recover.

Connection properly established, Karasuma says there isn't much power left, and he'll get to what's important: Where the Undead come from.

10,000 years ago, 53 species of immortal Undead existed and battled for the survival of their species. The Human Undead was victorious, and the rest of the Undead sealed into cards. But 3 years ago, the seal was broken and the Undead began to attack humans. In response, the Rider System was created, and Karasuma's wish is for it to be used to reseal the Undead.

Kotaro interrupts, utterly psyched at the info, but is shouted back down. Hirose asks why the seal was broken, and is told it's because of all the sad accidents that happened, and that it was all his fault. The hologram breaks, the signal becoming too weak. Kenzaki yells at Kotaro for wasting the time they had. Hirose says that now that they know Karasuma is alive, they need to find where Tachibana hid him. Kenzaki wonders if it was Tachibana who undid the seal...

Meanwhile, the Deer Undead escapes and Tachibana chases after it.

Kenzaki, Hirose and Kotaro arrive at Humanity Foundation's first lab. Kenzaki reflects that they've changed labs twice in the last two years, but he doesn't know why. Despite Kenzaki still being mad and glaring at him, Kotaro asks how Kenzaki became a Rider, and Hirose says he was scouted. The Garren System came first, designed to be used by one of the Foundation's researchers, Tachibana. But Karasuma didn't think it was enough, so Blade was created, and the Rider searched for.

As they're looking through the wreckage, the Searcher goes off, and Kenzaki rushes out. Hirose and Kotaro go to follow, but Kotaro's car has other ideas and stalls out....

Tachibana has chased the Deer Undead up to a snowy area and transforms. But he winds up getting knocked down the slope. Despite this, when Kenzaki arrives, he tells him to stay out of it, that he'll be the one to seal the Undead. Kenzaki yells at him to not be stupid and rushes in. Meanwhile, Hajime (as Chalice) is watching….

Tachibana is struck by the Undead's lightning and collapses, prompting Kenzaki into high action. Hajime reflects that human power is at it's peak when protecting someone and leaves as Kenzaki seals the Undead.

Tachibana breaks his transform and staggers away, falling down in the snow bank. Kenzaki rushes after, worried, and then pauses, deciding to interrogate Tachibana instead, asking him if he attacked BOARD and kidnapped Karasuma. Tachibana tells him to believe whatever he wants, again attempting to stagger off.

Kenzaki grabs him, demanding that he release Karasuma. Tachibana pushes him off, then demands to know why Kenzaki wants to protect that villain. Kenzaki counters that Tachibana's the villain, and then accuses him of unsealing the Undead.

Tachibana laughs at the idea, saying it wasn't him, but Karasuma and the others who did it, first creating the Rider System, then releasing the Undead so they could seal them again, using him and Kenzaki as scapegoats for their own mistakes. Kenzaki demands proof and Tachibana says his body's condition is proof, that because of the Rider System, he's falling apart, and that soon, Kenzaki will meet the same fate.

Tachibana lurches away as Kenzaki is struck with the same vision of destruction Tachibana faced, and yells that it has to be a lie.

Hajime returns to the Jacaranda, but feels something's off. He rushes down to his room where Haruka and Amane are, where there's a rain of sparkling particles. When they stop, all the photos Amane's father has taken catch fire and melt....

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