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Episode 2
Mysterious Rider
(謎のライダー / Nazo no Raidā)

Episode Summary

Kenzaki fights the Locust Undead, sealing it. He and Hirose find security footage of Garren kidnapping Karasuma from his office in the BOARD wreckage, which they take as proof that Tachibana is a traitor. Kenzaki wants to know why, saying he knows nothing about BOARD and now all this and demands answers from Hirose. "Was I fighting just to be betrayed?"

Back at Kotaro's place, Kotaro says Kenzaki's been moping for days now. Hirose says the wreckage of BOARD was cleaned up instantly. But she did find a truck of equipment and pilfered it so that she can keep working. ALso, she's moving in.

Kenzaki asks Kotaro how many times he's been betrayed, reflecting on how often he has been, and that he always trusts people again despite saying how he won't. Kotaro says that that's one of Kenzaki's good features.

Hirose interrupts the moment, yelling at them to come up to see the Searcher has picked up an Undead at the Observatory. Kenzaki looks torn and still moping, but Hirose decks him for it, yelling at him that he has to go save people despite his pain because that's a Rider's job. Kenzaki storms out, with Kotaro attempting to follow on his (non powered) bike.

Meanwhile, Hajime's picked up on the sense of an Undead and rushes out, just to overhear someone telling Haruka that there was a monster at the observatory. But that's where Amane is...

Hajime rushes out in a panic.

Kenzaki arrives at the observatory and has a flashback to his parents deaths and Hirose yelling at him before he goes to into action.

The Undead gives Kenzaki the slip, and goes after Amane. But Hajime, who had transformed on the way over, rushes in, yelling at the Undead in an unknown language as he fights. Amane watching, shadowing the pair. When the Undead knocks over part of the observer, Hajime dives to cover Amane, shedding green blood.

Cut to Haruka and Kotaro running up the stairs, yelling Amane's name, soon joined by Kenzaki. They spot Hajime, carrying her. As there's a tearful reunion of mother and daughter, Hajime says he found her inside, and then walks off, ignoring Kenzaki and Kotaro's untrusting looks.

When asking Amane about the Rider who saved her, Kotaro shows her a picture of Garren, but she says it wasn't either, and that she thinks the Rider was talking to the monster, but she couldn't understand it. Kotaro shows her a picture of Blade, which Hajime reacts to, getting up and going to leave the room.

Kenzaki asks after Hajime, getting the backstory of how Hajime came to live with the Kurihara's. Kotaro says he doesn't trust Hajime, but Amane shuts him down, saying she has more faith hin Hajime than Kotaro.

Meanwhile, down in his room, Hajime's having a moment, wondering about family, and why he saved Amane. And is bleeding green.

Kotaro and Kenzaki puzzle over the new Rider, only to be attacked by the Plant Undead. Kenzaki's not doing well in the fight, and Kotaro tells him to run. But he refuses, yelling that it's his job, and that since he couldn't save his parents, this is all he can do. But Chalice rushes in, pushing Kenzaki away so he can fight the Undead instead, and makes short work of it, swiftly defeating and sealing it.

Kenzaki asks him who he is, but gets no reply. When he says they can fight together, Chalice attacks, saying that everyone's his enemy. After knocking Kenzaki back, he leaves.

He gets a call from Hirose saying she's managed to connect to Karasuma’s brainwaves....

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Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

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Undead Apperances:
Locust Undead
Plant Undead
Major events:
Hirose moves in
Discovery of Chalice

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