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Episode 1
Indigo Warrior
(紫紺の戦士 / Shikon no Senshi)

Episode Summary

Opening scene: Blade on his way to assist Garren in the fight against the Bat Undead. Unobserved, Kotaro finds the place where the fighting is going on and watches as Blade makes a dramatic entrance through the wall of the cave. Bat runs off, but Garren and Blade give chase, Blade rushing it, only to be thrown back. Garren tells him it’s too much for him, then defeats and seals the Undead. Both Tachibana and Kenzaki break transform, Tachibana give Kenzaki some advice before riding away. Before Kenzaki can follow, Kotaro pops in, overly eagerly making introductions and asking for an interview. Kenzaki makes his escape and heads to BOARD HQ.

Tachibana drops off data on the newly sealed Undead. Hirose wonders as to why the Undead are appearing, only to be told by Karasuma not to worry about it and just focus on getting them sealed. Tachibana gives him the stink eye before accusing Karasuma of sending Kenzaki in to rescue him and not trusting his ability to fight. Kenzaki protests that Tachibana was amazing in the fight, only to be asked why he became a Rider. On hearing Kenzaki’s optimistic and seemingly naive answer, he warns Kenzaki not to let that purity be used against him, and storms out.

A short interlude with Kotaro working on his book giving some exposition on the situation with BOARD and the Undead. Meanwhile, Kenzaki returns back to his apartment only to find his stuff in the hall. It’s been 2 months since he’s been in and the landlady rented his room out in his absence. Kotaro manages to be there to see Kenzaki’s bad luck and invites Kenzaki to come stay with him. Turns out Kotaro lives alone in a house he inherited that’s in sort of poor shape, but that’s OK because Kenzaki can help him fix it up! After all, Kenzaki has no relatives, and it’s going to be too cold out to sleep on a park bench..

Kenzaki finally gives in, agreeing to stay, but not to the interviews.

Meanwhile, Tachibana is standing in a place with strobes, smoke and lots of bugs…

Cut back to Jacaranda, Hajime overhears Kotaro telling his older sister, Haruka, and his niece, Amane all about the Kamen Rider who he managed to get to move in. He talks about how he’s going to write books and make them proud. Haruka laments about Amane’s father being dead.

Hajime awkwardly hovers a bit, says he likes living there, then goes down to his room and have a freakout about “Kamen Rider”

Meanwhile, Kenzaki’s nightmares about his parents deaths are interrupted by a call from Hirose that BOARD is being attacked!

By the time Kenzaki gets there, everyone is dead, except for Hirose who was in a closet, and only injured. She says it looked like Tachibana was controlling the swarm, and that Tachibana and Karasuma had been arguing before.

Kenzaki can't believe that Tachibana would betray them, and runs out to fight the Undead. A little ways into the fight, he spots Tachibana, transformed, and just watching Kenzaki fight. Kenzaki demands to know why he’s just watching, asking he he really betrayed them, but Tachibana just turns and walks away….

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Subs: TV-N, NDA, Turn Up Scrubs
Raw: Bunny Hat

Major/Named characters introduced:

Undead Apperances:
Bat Undead
Locust Undead

Major events:
Destruction of BOARD HQ

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